One Day

One day, you’ll be gone and I won’t know what to do with my life after you are.

The sad thing is you won’t leave earth you’ll just go really far.

Growing up Hispanic I lived with the constant fear that you’d be deported.

Someone somewhere will do it and it will be reported

And show all over the news.

It is this constant fear of you leaving us that saddens me every day.

No matter how much I tell myself it will be fine, it won’t.

It’s something that can never be ignored.

You’ve done your best to be a good person in this world,

But no matter what we can’t escape the fact that you did what you did for a better life.

All you wanted to do was have a better life in what is now America.

Land of the free, home of the great, and land built on immigrants, what a lie.

No matter what you do for this country you’ll always be fly

Compared to those who can swat you down anytime.

No matter what happens, I’ll never let your dream die.

You taught me to always be kind, respectful, and compassionate whenever possible.

Although you may leave, I will be happy for you and pray.

I will keep working hard to achieve my goals by always having the idea of you.

Through thick and thin, I will keep moving forward because that is your way.

However, as I write this now, I think back on the things you said,

“They say I get sent back to my country don’t cry because I will be happy,

Don’t be angry and let those who did this stop you from achieving your goals.

Because at the end of the day, all you have is this life, this education, and your family.

No matter who or what gets in your way, you will never be alone because,

I will always support you in everything you do”.
Many can say that they are afraid of losing a loved one,

But there are worse things than death.

Being separated from the person who has raised you into what you have become,

And being apart because of something she thought was right,

Is some that no one can ever argue or fight.

In the end, no one knows when their parents will go,

But as for me, I will never stop working until I find a way to change this.

Even if she does go away, I will support her from here.

I will send her whatever she needs and work hard until I have set a living for her.

Because at the end of the day, no will stop me from helping those I love,

But most importantly, nothing will ever fill this passion I have to help those around me.

So maybe I will cry and have a few setbacks after she is gone,

But that’s just another thing that I have to add to my life and keep moving on.


This poem is about: 
My family


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