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If I went back to the start, that would be the end of me
See me I take her heart, but let her keep her dignity
Physical symmetry was what initially appealed to me
What thrilled her was the gold & silver plus a lust for mystery
Listerine mixed in with nicotine when she was kissing me
Coffee & cigarettes on my breath the memory's misery
Words could never express what felt like it was meant to be
Mind spinning like a Frisbee, back & forth mentally
There's always great temptation, before a great victory
So seek the same sensation, or reach out for the remedy
Forgive the similes and imagery I'll make it simple, see
I took care of the infant, she took care of the Hennessey
My tendencies towards enemies limits me in ability
The infamy lives on, be careful when you mention me
Now you know a glimpse of the story, all the history
It started off great now just show me how to kill this thing

We spent our lives together
Then we went our different ways
We said we'd last forever
Now it's time we separate

It's not that my love for you has faded
But maybe somewhere I misplaced it
Where it grew jaded and serrated and overrated
And hateful
Known to flip right out your skull
That's why she wouldn't tell you
Even if she knew the kid was yours


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