My First Love

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 21:42 -- xSilver

My first love was a boy whose beauty could have put Aphrodite's to shame

For his eyes glimmered in the sun like gems

And his smile beamed so brightly it flocked dozens to him

But this boy stuck to my side

As my one and only, best friend


Life can be a cruel joke

For as soon as we reached our teens

He began to stray from my side

Ever so curious

About others who acted similarly


And no sooner did he begin to withdraw himself from me

For those other girls offered better benefits

Then what I could give him

Though I continued to bare through it

For he was my saving grace


No longer do we talk

No longer do I stay up late at night wondering how he is

However, there are times in which my mind does wander to him

And how I would have once done anything just to be by his side again

The man who was my first love.

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