why wait till a new dawn for a new day when you're the brightest star i see tonight?

You're tired so very tired

Your sweet little girl 

Who's growing up so fast

Is sat on your lap


Her beautiful eyes

The eyes you never thought you would love

Are fixed on you

As she asks you where her daddy went


This moment is the hardest

The worst

The most terrible moment 

And it's so beautiful cuz you'll get through it

For her


You're waiting for your other half

Standing at the front of the crowd

You fought so hard to get there 

But not half as hard as you know he did


Now here come the cheers

The heroes the tears

You see him and he's tired so very tired 

so beautiful like you


This year was the hardest

The worst

The longest moment

But now here's when you got through


I could never capture this moment

As perfectly as it is

As beautifully as it is

But this is where I try


You're tired so tired

And your eyes are closing shut

You've had the hardest

The worst

The most terrible longest loneliest moments 

And you got through

And you'll get through

And it'll be beautiful


This poem is about: 
Our world


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