true love

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Taking it day by day is all that I can do, Because no matter how hard I try, all I think about is you. One day I am fine, and the next day I am falling apart,
I have been trying so hard to erase you from my mind, And I keep reowrking it in my mind that I am fine. I go through phases, and one day I'm okay and the next day I am falling apart,
I am tired of listening to everyone around me telling me that I am wrong for still believing, Because they are so used to giving up on love and having everyone close to them suddenly leaving.
FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE If you want your love to last When all the dreams are past When excitement dies away And routine's here to stay
Una sola carneTwo become one fleshNon approfittarneKeeping true love fresh.           ~when love precipitates, selfishness evaporates~.....Mark Toney © 2020.
A fair face as white as snow coldA pair of lips as red as blood boldA dark hair as black as coalA pretty girl who had a kind soul
all we were before was just two lost nomads, been traveling to different places and searching for the right warmth of one’s embraces.
it is impossible for me to put my love for you into words,   but i will always continue to try.   would adjectives be accurate?   maybe endless,   passionate,   intimate.
I wish you could see what I see when I look at you.  Maybe then you'd truly understand why I love you the way I do If only I could make you see yourself through my eyes Maybe then you'd see without you a piece of me dies I wish you could see all t
Love is a trap. Love gets a bad rap. But why not? You do what you don’t ought. Just like me, you’ll see. I met someone by accident. I quickly thought it was meant to be. That we were destined.
Hue grows strong/hue dies weak Baby bird bites its beak Fragile nest in a creek Sticks and stones, bugs and leaves   Fingers, hands, hair and hearts
Is it possible that I do What you do To make me do What I do? I wonder.   Could anyone feel The way I feel
My love, you are my everything and my nothing at all; you are my dream and my nightmare; you may be my happiness and yet the cause of my depression. You are my never-ending purgatory:
From the very moment I met you, the mere thought of you could inspire me. Knew one day I might find myself a slave to love, I didn't know who the buyer would be. Found myself so ready to put in that work, hoping you would hire me.
I wish I was okay But I'm not  I wish things weren't this way But they are   Tell me this much Not just enough to leave you alone Tell me much more So I can feel you soul  
Wake up, you're up Brushing your teeth, fixing the sheets Downstairs, upstairs Breakfast made, not running late   When I say your suit looks nice, I really want you to take it off.
I don't know where we are going but I hope its forever. I don't know what we see but its blinding. It's insanity. It's pain, but its so desireable. I look into your eyes and just forget what hurts the most.
Her bare back moves with each breath as she sleeps into the late morning. A tattoo on her shoulder peers over the covers, as her glasses sit on the table adjacent to the bed. I want to take in all of her-
ill do something that not even that bad and you get so fucking mad but when you do it  im understanding and trust you im not treated fairly you never make me feel like you care about me 
Last semester  I entered another scholarship contest-Because I Love You A slam against toxic teenage relationships Writing that poem made me realize that I didn't know what healthy love looks like. 
I opened my eyes today once that was a game I'd playLearned through heartache and pain.I pray every night you're not dead you're okayDiscovered how to live even in down pouring rain. 
Two strangers are in line on a perfect day with a clear blue sky, One of them watches something beautiful looking towards the ground as it goes on by, Then he feels her turn around as she begins to realize,
A dog without a feather, A car without a sail,  My life without you pointless  As a frog without a tail.    As warts are for a princess, Your love is for my life. I need you like a daisy 
I don't know what to say  Wishing for another day The way he bumped against me His smile making me feel at home If I could have him the way it was My heart would be above This pain
I've fallen in love, once again He takes my breath away Everytime he touches me, my breath catches in my throat Everywhere he touches leaves a warm sensation as if his hand had never moved
Dear Beautiful Soul,   You could be the one  that becomes my closest friend. You could be the one for whom I would make reality bend.   You could be the one to whom I give my heart.
I have dreamed of it, A warm, tender embrace with a lover I cannot see. Sweet whispers  flow from his mouth like honey, filling my soul with joy beyond measure.
Somehow, she is everything She has this mind and I could spend All of my forevers trying to know Everything that’s on it
Only purest of hearts and most loved of lovers Know what it means to lose the other. Can people not tell?
Y'all talk of romance As if it's your last chance, to find a Minaj and create a perfect mirage. Jesus good God.  It's not whether she's hot or not, it's whether she likes you alot
Our love is not like that in fairy tales That end in happy ever after, nor Is fleeting beauty cause for this amore. If passions were the source, this love would fail.  
-I feel in pain I am losing my thoughts to this strain, Everyone except one is disregarding me because of my brain. My daughters sent me to this place to get me restrained;
Small babe crying, Father's denying  Her very existence  While Mother is sighing Is this love? She develops in uncertainty Basking in apathy  The result of a broken home.
everyone expects to be loved but are significantly lacking the ability to  love the loveless and yet, by some miracle the blue jay is understood by the hummingbird
I. Just. Love. You. No words in the world are more true   People say that I want many things Maybe a dress and maybe a ring That I ask too much I should love for a touch
You always told me you did these things Because you loved me. But I'm not so sure about that anymore Cause, you see, I've moved on with my life, And when I look back I still see you stuck in the mud.
On a fall afternoon He had leaned closer to me, And said “I love you”   Then I was confused A phrase with many meanings, But which one was true   I looked at him,
You mean a lot to me  Not because of your appearance  Not because of the nice things you have  But because you have not given up on me  Thank you for loving me  and continuing to fight for us 
Because the story all starts with a glance, Where time stands stead fast As the seconds freeze in a breathless trance, Which starts the chase of love’s past.   Because his fingertips were gentle and kind,
When we broke up you said  it's 'cause you never showed me love But you never said what kind of love you were looking for We were best friends for three whole years Through the laughter and the tears
"Why?"     A toothy grin plus a peckNo care about slightly chapped lipsOr breath from the dinnerFixed as a surprise    
Because I love you, I trust you                       I support you I tell you what you need to hear                       Even if you don't want to hear it I am there for you
For one does not know the meaning of love Until one has fallen captive For now, they think of only the other And how it all had happened  
It's crazy what i did for love You put me in a box that kept getting smaller. and smaller. and smaller. Instead of breaking out, I curled up and made myself smaller. and smaller. and smaller.
This is Me and How I Feel: You ask me to express myself & let you in But the truth is I don’t know where to begin I guess the best place to start Would be with my heart When I first met you My eyes were cold & my heart was blue My heart wa
My love, is it you? i do not want to loose your soul for another because of blindness. am i blind? I miss you but i cannot remember who you are and loneliness
A tribute to my grandma’s strength, my grandpa’s battle with Alzheimer’s, and their lesson on what love really is.  
because I truly love you, I will tell the truth to you even when it hurts you. because I truly love you, I will not lie to hurt you but maybe to help you. because I truly love you,
Why do yours shake when they reach my waist why do they make me want to grow smaller and smaller and dissapear why do your fingernails dig into my skin as I speak
True love.  An idea warped by society, Only known to a select few Who have found themselves Lucky enough to be in a Healthy relationship.   Trapped in an idea
Society states that we have to love With only the finest amount of qualities. Amazing looks and raw power, but nothing else can be above. Or else, ‘romance’ is dead.  
Love is tiny roots supporting a giant tree Love is a wave carrying a message in a bottle from shore to shore Love is the sun lighting up the moon Love is the storm after a drought
            Because I love you, I believe in love- the kind that tugs at my heart, obliging me to deal with the knots belching from within my stomach.
Because I love you I still get lost when I look into your eyes. The simple thought of you turns my frown into a smile. Every hug makes me feel warm inside
When love is proclaimed with poisonous eyes And no contrast in lust and heart do fare, If trust has force demand, it morphs to lies, Then what was love becomes a weight to bear.
Your fingers intertwine With every story I’ve ever written, Every rose I’ve ever held. They trace my skin, Reading my story like it’s written in brail.
Even silence is ecstasyYour heartbeat in my ear, a steady drum.Monumental or minimal calamitiesUntil my breathing levels,your fingers comb my hair.  Your hand in mine, a rushed societal defianceBut you are unabashedly in love.Fierce pride in your
My wrist burned as he held my arm tight, his thumb digging into my bone. “You know I can’t control how jealous I get.” Words ringing in my ears like the wedding bells I wish I had run from.
There is something to be said of the force that lifts us at our lowest, Turning our words into those of poets. Allows us to know well their mistakes and flaws, But to still see them and be struck by awe.
In a little white house, all lights are off except for one. In a bathroom, a woman sits on the floor A breakdown has begun.   Hair's a wreck
Oh, they say there is a beast,  who lives up the way. In a house three stories tall, and soon to crumble any day.   But I've seen whose song haunts the halls,
Once upon a time, Princess Dove lived a life of royalty. Once upon a time, Queen Cinderella and King Charming protected their little princess. Once upon a time, Captain Hook left the Jolly Roger. Once upon a time, An unexpected love began. This is
In a time now a memory a fair kingdom stood That was ruled by a monarch who sought for the good Throughout his dominion, both human and beast And one night, in ecstasy, brought them to feast.
        Once Upon a Time…                         The only son of a King and his Queen was cursed,                         His fate sealed by the cruel hand of a dark fairy.
Swimming around collecting everything I find Things the humans dispose of when they've been declined And then I see this man, this beautiful man who loves to dance
"I'm sorry if I was sharp with you: but it's just because you descovered something broken." I'm sorry if I ever yelled at you." but it was just to cover that I'd flinched as you'd spoken."
The last step I took was forwards, then backwards that's like riding in a Benz and then pushing an Acura I always tell this sob story, they say don't chase after her
A man from the moon and a woman whose been raised by the sun. One of them has found powerful bullets while the other holds the gun.Seldom thoughts of this thing called intimacy that is foreign to their minds.
you build with your words , you make sky scrapers from your sentences and cathedrals with stanzas ,
Baby, I will always love you like no other. Though words can't capture these feelings, the few I have come from the deepest parts of me. Like a loving bear, I will cross the oceans for you.
“You’re a strong independent woman” Man I wish that were true I can barely think without it being of you We never hugged, we never kissed But oddly enough those are the things I miss
My love burns like hot coals. My eyes burn like hot coals melting into the back of my head. My brain is just liquefying in love I love you. I don't know why I said I didn't. I was alone in Australia.
My mom once said true love comes in all types of ways If it is true love, it will last until the end of your days A father, a cousin, a lover, a friend, a sibling or even your own mother
Writing My one true love that helped me know me We met through a mutual friend that suggested we would be great together But I thought, it wasn’t right for me, so it got blocked
At the end of the tunnel I see a light;I'm so relieved that it's still in sight.I almost thought you had given up,but I knew when you called me "buttercup,"that was not the case.
I've wished my mays, I've wished my mights, My love for you goes beyond, All the twinkles in the starry night. I loved you then, I love you now, I'll love you forever, For this is my vow.
a simple night turning into a simple day that turns into a disaster, man. you are the reason love still coarses through my veins. the reason I still dream of our moments. you were the one and now I have no one.
My love for you is strong, But my hate for you there's none. Friends are a come and go, But my love for you will always grow. Even though we may sometimes be apart, I will always love you with all my heart.
Sunflower of my withering heart,Oh how you bring me warmth,Like mountains your foundationsform around my worries,your voice soothes all woes. Smile and I'll smile,
Sunflower of my withering heart,Oh how you bring me warmth,Like mountains your foundationsform around my worries,your voice soothes all woes. Smile and I'll smile,
You won't get married to him. Not yet, at least. I probably won't either, but that's only because you're both cheaters. But for now, I'm glad I ruined your chance with him. By the way, you're a terrible cook
I need you to promise me you'll pick up the pieces of my heart that are broken, for I am afraid that if too many pieces are lost, I'll lose myself completely,
Life's quest is to find the one who completes us. The one who makes us feel whole.  The one who everytime he talks to you it makes your heart skip a beat.
True love is more than just a feeling or an emotion.  Reality of it all is that it happens just once in a life time. Understanding of how true love works is something that no one will ever be able to learn
I can’t live without what you are, You bring me excitement just by thought, What you are I can pay gold, bar by bar, I’m not suppose to have you but I haven’t got caught.
It was love At first site   So vulnerable So resilient So powerful   She has my eyes She has his smile She is rain On parched earth   She has his wild temper
I find my mind will change itself. My body will decay. My thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations turn to low vibrations and whither away. All of these material things that some hold dear to Heart...
Before I met her I kept my love to myself giving it only to animals no one else then I met you you gave me a chance to feel like I mattered  our bodies guided us to a path that forked
Letter to my love #1
We treasure silences and heart-felt songs, Join in places where we don’t belong. We’re treading water in the desert sand. I’m sinking slowly and I have no legs to stand.  
Is it the way the breeze feels on the skin On a hot day, when you just feel it within Is it a child's smile? So innocent and Undeniable Or is it something unmeasurable? Something that's naked and unable.
JR Farrell the one person i absolutely need the one person whom is everything is three since months gone to get him back i’d do
Do you believe in soulmates, I was once asked I don't know, I answer to myself and this child Would believing in soulmates be like believing in unicorns? Would it be like seeing a leprechaun?
I know they are here I know they are beside me Even far out here    
My first love flashed before my eyes.... Anthony Phillips it was such a short time. Average height,slightly taller,wheat blonde hair,with those amazing green eyes.
Is it good to stay strong if the one you're strong against is inside you? It is not good that the man should be alone; and so was made for him a help meet, the woman that should hold his hand through life  
  Gazing into those oh so blue eyes I stood entranced, as I was paralyzed By the way she smiled The way she laughed
“Sniffle-sniffle” Went little James On a rainy Friday eve One part sick Two parts sad With nothing to relieve   He teared up With eyes red And all day did pain and pine
looking back reflecting  I find that so much is sad sounds so much happy tinged with regret so morose my words have been so here is joy: unconstraineduncontrollableallconsumingjoy
I promised i would wait for you But is waiting really what i want to do. I mean waiting for you would allow us to grow more and be more understanding of one another, But waiting could also lead you to another women.
okay, so maybe I'm not the most experienced gal,  and I'm probably going about this all wrong.  You see,  when you say my name you make it sound pretty  not like a curse, or burden like he did. 
i love you is so overused thats why i always pause  before i tell you  that i love you because i want you to know that im serious and i hope for my sake and yours
Maybe there’s a r
I do not believe in true love.
Please tell me it was I who made you leave I do not want to believe that you meant to walk away I want to blame myself
Take me to the moment when our eyes first met Across the room, at a party You didn't have to say a word I knew what you were thinking, without meeting you before  
Your kiss is as sweet as ice cream, but you tongue is as sharp as a knife. You stab me as you comfort me.  I can feel the way you look at me.  Like a sheep. Dependent.
I was thinking of what to give you when i dived into a world of dreams and imaginations.
Whenever the days are bleak and dappled
Moon claimed his love The day when sun gleamed and moon brightened without fear, was the day when the sun died to brightened the moon.   The time when moon was alone,
Love is a beautiful thing,
Love, passion, sweetness, and kind What makes me happy does not truly combine With the material things this world has to supply. Summer blooms and Winter comes, As trees die my happiness will forever hum.
Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  No one's as sweet Or sweeter than you.    Your hugs are warm.  Your kisses are tender.  Throughout all my years,
You turn my face red You turn my mood blue  Sometimes i'm so fucking sick and tired of you!   Our fighting, its endless  Your jealousy left me friendless But thats okay 
When you find your true solemate,  eternal happiness is finally found.  your hearts desperately bound by fate,  equipt with constant smiling even though no one is around.    To love and to be loved,
Two hearts beat as one. Two souls missing the other half are a perfect fit.
From me to you I confess I confess that I sang a good song I sang a song of stupid luck And a lot of happiness too It is a song I wrote for just the two of we
The silence was seriously starting to get to her,This was the day,The day everything goes down.It’s not every day the earth swallows you whole in one mouth full.
You never understand it Even as you feel it It's your saving grace And your damnation to hell The light in the darkness And the darkness itself Consuming you Trapping you
BEYOND VALENTINES© Glenn Johnson    Love’s mirage of simplicity:                    More than just showing up . . .
Run off with me, hit not the brake So your heart I may tenderly stake And sweep up away like leaves on a rake For thou art the prize of the course that I take   My love for thou is truly not fake
Under a final moon Like vines in tandem, Eloping lovers lay In linens alone -  Woman beside man, man beside woman. Zephyrs sway drawn curtains Rocking all to sleep...  
A boy once made a choice. To propose to the girl that he loves. He enjoyed her genuine smile that she gave to all. Yet she shared her pain to him alone no matter how small.
To begin something, with a blank mind to begin somthing, where only time can tell you if it's what you thought only time spent, to figure what you've bought.   Most people never begin, 
True love shines as bright as a star,but friendship exceeded celestial expectations.  At any moment a star can burn out, but the entirety of the solar system is larger than that one star, yet, less valued. 
This feeling in my stomach, The weakness in my knees, The nervousness I feel, Maybe True Love is real. My tongue is tied, Words falling empty from mouth. The time becomes slow, yet
For some reason you have my heart and I still don't know how you did it,Also I don't know why I'm a sucker for you but I have to admit it,That just shows that I really Love you and that we belong for each other,
A Motivation to my inspiration
You surprised me. You came when I needed you, but wasn't expecting you. I was falling downhill and you swooped in and took me to an unheard-of place. you squeezed your way into my life without me noticing.
When we touch... it is as if we were made just for each other. When we laugh... we open eyes to a whole other world. When we dance... it is as if we were floating on a cloud.
Hold me in your arms Never let me go Kiss me ever so softly Show the world that you are my Bo When the end of time comes, I'll be with you, I already know For when I look in your eyes,
Eyes that sparkle in the darkest of night Rest peacefully early in the morning Lips that speak the sweetest words Look so soft and kissable as you sleep Holding you close to me all night
Is love somnolent in our hearts truly? Within our breasts dost sleep til true love meet? Trust it is clear it is not so for me, Within me passion dost each morning greet!
Two hearts together hath been sworn, But by a father's words so harsh hath been torn. Banished away for an act so just, leaving behind his true love and true lust. Running so fast with blood stained hands,
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