Love is a trap.

Love gets a bad rap.

But why not?

You do what you don’t ought.

Just like me, you’ll see.

I met someone by accident.

I quickly thought it was meant

to be. That we were destined.


Although they were just a friend,

I loved them I determined.

I soon gave up my addictions.

My hard work, my life ambitions,

to keep up with my new love.

But soon push came to shove,

and this friend was just that.

Only a FRIEND I couldn’t look at.

For that day I saw what I didn’t before.

They were  a human and nothing more.

I couldn’t believe I thought they’d help,

when the only person who can help is myself.


I learned then that I am my best friend,

but that there’s another in the end.

Jesus is my only true guide.

He’s always by my side.

He knows me better than anyone.

To show true love he paid a huge sum.

He died for me (and you), you see.

So we could all live eternally.

He shows me everyday

that my worth isn’t in what I pay.

Or who I love or what I do.

In the end, all he wants is YOU.


If you feel alone or disregarded,

remember that He was also hated.

Because he was a perfect, sinless savior.

With him, your life is more than your grave here.

He makes your life matter on earth and after.

Only those who believe will enjoy the rapture.

Everyone else who goes their way

will have nothing to say.

Their straying will send them to darkness.

To a hot, scary place where there is no bliss.

Everyone should get a chance at life.

Believe and lessen your strife.


It will not always be easy,

but your pain He sees.

He will not let you go.

This you can always know.

Remember when you feel the rain,

your suffering is not in vain.


This truth moves me to work not for praise,

but for the love He showed me during a haze.

He cleared my mind so I could see colors.

There is no more gray, my sisters and brothers.

He will give your life sunshine if you trust him.

To share this light, find his love within.

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