Fate and A flower

Two strangers are in line on a perfect day with a clear blue sky,
One of them watches something beautiful looking towards the ground as it goes on by,
Then he feels her turn around as she begins to realize,
Maybe he knows where the flower she searches for lies,
Then the thoughts of what could happen,
Race as for the first time as her eyes flutter full of passion,
The man's companion sees in an instant he has lost all ability to reason,
As he sees the beauty he has never seen before it is clear,
She is what he has always imagined she would be and is standing here,
He can feel something old yet new,
Once it was just a hopeful thought of this guy without a clue,
He hears something repeated only he will understand,
This is your only spot in line and the gates won't open again,
Without thinking he almost loses his spot in line,
It might be too late as he turns around to look, but at the same time,
He can't see anything,
He sees darkness....and then A Glimpse of lightning,
He feels something oddly familiar,
He smiles and realizes he had never seen those hands before,
As their eyes meet he realizes only she can,
Get him where he wants to go as he slowly laughs out of line,
His friend tells them there is an even higher power,
As they will find it by going into the world together to find her choice of flower...

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