The True Meaning of "Because I Love You"

On a fall afternoon

He had leaned closer to me,

And said “I love you”


Then I was confused

A phrase with many meanings,

But which one was true


I looked at him,

And I asked the question,

“Why do you love me?”


He gave a smile

He looked into my eyes,

And spilled his heart


I love how you’re happy

In any given moment

Even when you’re sad


You light up the room,

When you show your big smile

That makes me happy


You can be yourself,

Whenever you are with me

That can make me wild


You are confident

You are kind, sweet, and caring

Even when you’re mad


You’re independent

You can take care of yourself

Even without me


You are very smart

You are hilarious

You are who you are


You are the reason,

Why I love you extremely

That’s why I should ask


A question so late

One I’ve been wanting to ask

“Will you marry me?”


He went on one knee

Holding our future up high

Shaped like a diamond


I cried tears of joy

A smile appeared on my face

I replied with a “yes”


We then hugged each other

Then I gave my true feelings

“Because I love you”


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