Oh Blayke

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 00:27 -- Marky19

Run off with me, hit not the brake

So your heart I may tenderly stake

And sweep up away like leaves on a rake

For thou art the prize of the course that I take


My love for thou is truly not fake

Lay with me so we can get nake

And forever will your heart not break

With love songs about you, written by Drake


Your love propels my stern and my wake

All that I do is for your sake

Simply let me be the potatoes to your steak

And the purest love forever we shall make


Glorious the day on which our wedding takes

Thanks to the goodness of your homemade bakes,

All of our friends shall devour our cakes

And in the night, our loving bed quakes


(From all the babies that we will make)


But separated from thou, my heart do'st ache

A horrible future, no babies named Jake

My soul desolate if you truly forsake

Woeful separation from the angel-named Blayke


So sail with me, upon blue lake,

Beyond that shore, my love shall not shake.



Backstory: A beautiful girl at my school whose name was Blayke randomely said hi to my friend one day, and since he had a huge crush on her, we wrote this love poem for her during class. She really liked it and they haven't talked since...

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