Eternal Love


For some reason you have my heart and I still don't know how you did it,
Also I don't know why I'm a sucker for you but I have to admit it,
That just shows that I really Love you and that we belong for each other,
You made me realize that True Love is what I finally discovered, 
Never knew that I would be the choosen one and be with you,
That's why we should take the next step since our marriage is overdue,
Not trying to rush things but our love is strong and we are ready,
I will take the role as a teddy so you can feel like a happy kid with falling confetti,
Still cannot believe myself for doing all those childish things,
It has to be those crazy butterflies eagerly flapping there wings,
I'm glad they haven't flown anywhere so I can be right by your side,
And always be together in order for our eternal love to never divide,
Always wonder what has made you stick around for over a year?
I break my head trying to figure out the answer so it can be more clear,
It keeps me busy and happy to know you will always be here,
One thing for sure, that my LOVE for you will never dissappear.



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