Please tell me it was I who made you leave

I do not want to believe that you meant to walk away

I want to blame myself

I should have done something to make you stay


I remember the sleepless nights

Laying in the cool breeze

We'd lay there for hours

Best friends, we would call it

Neither one of us really knew what that meant


You always said I gave the best hugs,

But here I am catching myself missing your touch

I miss the feeling of being on my tip-toes

And wrapping my arms around your neck


Those days where you would teach me

How to make creation a playground

And I would just watch you in awe,

Wishing I could keep you around


Good things always come to an end,

And my love for you was becoming too good of a thing

I became impatient

Soon, I needed love and you wanted to be free


I let you fly

And I found someone new

But replacements aren't always a perfect fit

Some nights I swear I still feel you


I long for that night when we were tied together

Secured by a blanket

We shared our first kiss

And I looked at you and you swore we'd make it


But here we are,

Sitting in silence

On opposite sides of the city

I miss your hair and the way we'd dance

Just tell me that you miss me

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