A forever thing birthed from far away lands.

A man from the moon and a woman whose been raised by the sun. One of them has found powerful bullets while the other holds the gun.Seldom thoughts of this thing called intimacy that is foreign to their minds. No capability of learning about what is outside their homes as if their minds have been shielded by a blanket of blinds. Taking in words and sentences as gifts to be used they soon began to heal from the cold and hot that left them both bruised.A new world of deceitful creatures shocked their bodies with panic. How could these people with skin the same hurt one another and how could anybody who is watching let it happen? Searching for eyes that don't tell lies and a heart so strong that with one beat it claims victory and dishes out defeat before the war starts. Then he moved away and she wanted to travel the world to meet new spaces. Greeting them with an opened mind and welcomed them with warm faces. As she stayed the last night the next day would be no room for another tour so like all of her last days were spent; she entered the airport book store. They longed for a story that matched as puzzle pieces like a beat and a hookTheir auras begged for one another and their hands met in the same way; reaching for the same book.He looked into her eyes as they stood in the walkway of his soul. They were glassy, big, brown, and started a fire in his chest; he was no longer cold. He spoke to her not with his mouth but with his hands cuddling hers and then they stopped moving. She softened herself and let him cool her; her hot flames were no longer dancing and he could see through her. His touch was soothing. "I have a flight. 756 to Paris." She couldn't even get her words out correctly so she began to walk away feeling embarrassed."Flight 756. Gate 11B. I'll carry your bags their not really that heavy." And there they went; off to Paris to be happy.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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