"True Beauty Will Never Die"

A boy once made a choice.

To propose to the girl that he loves.

He enjoyed her genuine smile that she gave to all.

Yet she shared her pain to him alone no matter how small.

The boy realized his love would never go away.

So he decided to propose to her that day.

Elated until he heard screams and cries.

The girl he truly loved past away last night.

"What is life after she is gone?"

The boy asked with eyes of stone.

Petrified from the painful truth.

Such feelings cannot simply once again bear fruit.

Then he looked at her body and said with a smile,

"You told me how you envy me for having a dream."

"Yet the life I live was never just for me."

"The life I live is for you as well."

"And the memories of you that I have, will never fail." 


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