She is Everything

Somehow, she is everything

She has this mind and I could spend

All of my forevers trying to know

Everything that’s on it

She is so beautiful that beautiful isn’t even a qualifier

Because she’s the kind of beautiful that you don’t

Just look at but you can feel it inside you like

A living thing

I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving her

I wouldn’t even know where to begin

Because all the walls fall down in my soul with her

And the funny thing is I don’t even worry anymore because

If it meant hurting to have been able to

Hold her, to be the one to put a smile on her lips,

To be touched by her laughter, body, and soul

And everything that she is

(Which is everything)

Then I will cry and hurt because jesus,

All we’re looking for in life are the beautiful things

That give meaning to everything that is not beautiful

She is that for me

The stars she loves so much know this,

They tell me they cannot compete

They gave her to me and she left

They her to me again and now I’m leaving

Because I’ve begged the stars this night

To bring us together again

She is everything, I feel her and it’s not

Something worldly, not simply ove

Or maybe it’s the very love herself

Pulling me to her because she knows

That even the brave will crumple divinely

In the presence of she who is



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Our world



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