To the Woman of My Dreams and Then My Reality By an Act of God

Sun, 01/19/2020 - 02:52 -- quuyc

Is it possible that I do

What you do

To make me do

What I do? I wonder.


Could anyone feel

The way I feel

When I feel that you might

Feel the way I feel

For me? I think not

Sometimes. I don’t care


What is real so long as it provides.

I liked being in your arms that one night,

When we cried, held tight by the other.

As a friend, not a lover.



That night, I think I felt

Our spirits attach to each other like two suction cups:

Really hard to pull apart, but still possible.

See, that’s the thing.

I don’t want it to be possible.

But even in the throes of true, hypothetical love,

Especially in real love,

Anything is possible,


Nothing is impossible?


Right now, at least for me, nothing is already impossible.


But, I have to ask,


For you,


What if everything was



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