Love is Not a Romance Novel

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 19:53 -- JDoll

When we broke up you said 

it's 'cause you never showed me love

But you never said what kind of love you were looking for

We were best friends for three whole years

Through the laughter and the tears

We helped each other face our fears

Wasn't that love?

We sat together on long bus rides

I imagined one day to be your bride

We told tales a mile wide

Wasn't that love?

We were raised in a world that said 

To be comeplete you must be married


But they never said how long the road was to fullness

Since grade school I've never had a crush

Just the thought would make me blush

I thought that "love at first sight" was just to rushed

What  is love?

But while the term gay is easily placed

There's not one single noticed ace

Society says love is smiling at your lover's face

What is love?

We're born in a world where people tell me

Sex without love is possible, but love without sex is not

But that just means that I'm something broken

It took me until I was 17 years old

To finally hear what my heart's always told

Asexuality is valid, you fit in that mold

So where is love?

Romance, sure, but nothing more

I've known in my heart since I was four

Dating, after all, can be a chore

So where is love?

Some people "reassure" me and try to say

Don't worry, you'll find someone one day

But what if I don't want to

It's not just a game you play

It's not meeting a guy and running away

It's not breaking the promise of trying to stay

That isn't love

It's not spreading rumors and lies and hate

It's not going to the bar to pick up 10 dates

It's not judging other's 1-8

That isn't love

It's sharing laughter and makeing them smile

It's my dad crying when he walks me down the aisle

It's the text "drive safe, and I'll see you in a while"

That is love

It's an invitation to spend time with one another

It's the extra halloween candy from your favorite little brother

It's the scoldings so we learn from each and every mother

That is love

I find it in the "are you okays" 

I find it in the little ways

I find it in every single day

That's where love is

I find it in my parents, family and friends

I find it in random bookshelf ends

I find it in laughter and children's hands

That's where love is

So now all I have to say

Love is not a romance novel

But it's every positive thing you could possibly try to see

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This is actually incredible. It gave me the chills at the end! I envy your rhyming and talent for such deep meaning. Keep writing! You're freaking astonishing! :)

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