reflections for the lady of the lake

looking back


I find that so much is sad sounds

so much happy tinged with regret

so morose my words have been

so here is joy:


here is to the hearts that break but mend  

stronger than before

here is to the tears of laughter and never pain 

for the sunrise that follows the sunset 

here is to the lazy day smiles 

and the songs without begginings or ends

here is to shedding all that doubt

all that hate

all those scars

wiped away with a flick of the wrist  

with a wink, with a daring word 

here is to rolling the window down 

and falling in love 

with yourself 

because you are not perfect

you are better than that

you are more.  

so don't cry dearheart  

know that wherever you go 

whenever you go

 to find the uncomparable person you truly are

know that we've all been on this journey

many still are 

sometimes you reach the end 

only to find out it was really the beggining 

so embrace it 

embrace yourself  

dry your eyes and chin up my sweet 

forget the cruel words

hold your head high 

let the world see the amazingly flawed individual you are

stand up for what is right

stand up for yourself

stand up for happiness 

because you are my joy

you are my greatest achievement  

from the first time I heard you laugh 

and saw all the love that lit up your eyes 

as your tiny hands grappled the air

I knew that even though I felt 

like I could love no more 

that my heart was full to the brim

you would turn my world  around

and make me realize 

my love for you is a flower constantly in full bloom

a firework, an explosion of light and color 

preserved in these memories, in these photographs

in your heart and mine

timeless and beautiful 

I  promise 

that if you ever fall down

ever hurt, ever break 

I will be there 

for as long as I live 

and longer 

because you are the better part of me little one

you are the best part of this world 

you see  

you are my happiness

and someday 

the world will see it as well.








This poem is about: 
My family
Our world



There's a lot of feeling and the words are very vibrant. I enjoyed reading this.

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