In Tandem


2420 Country Side Drive
United States
30° 5' 18.5928" N, 81° 43' 51.744" W

Under a final moon

Like vines in tandem,

Eloping lovers lay

In linens alone - 

Woman beside man, man beside woman.

Zephyrs sway drawn curtains

Rocking all to sleep...


Morning comes early. 

A magic trick - 

A flash of light and billowing smoke

Bares both green and brown alike. 

Rumbling, shaking - 

A deafening silence in a gasp for breath - 

Oozing, dripping fire... 


Under an orange ablaze

Like vines in tandem, 

Eloping lovers lay

Melted in each other's arms - 

Woman becomes man, man becomes woman. 

Locked in an eternal kiss, 

True love lives on.


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