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Who is at faultFor the statisticThat states that every two minutes(That’s one hundred and twenty seconds)
On a wet and windy noon, I feel the rain and the pain as I run. Aware that the day will end soon, I return home after great fun.   When nights fall, I sit in my room and fear
You were my favorite thing Hearing your sleepy voice at 4 am As you struggled to stay up with me   Listening to your attempts at singing lullabies That would lure me to sleep  
Staring into the swirling blue sunlight dancing on the ripples, then disappearing into the depths, already beginning to choke and gasp on my own breath. I shall not go in.  
I hear a knock- Subtle at first, then louder. A soft whispering: "Come see the world!"   Should I open the door Or hide in the dark? My fate lies open Like a country road.  
I'm not really that ordinary, I'd like to think extraordinary, but that might be going just a bit too far. No matter what I say, though, I know the way I want to go,
1.   If by being more concise, you could shorten your life,
I have found that I would
There we were, on the last day I knew leaving them was my only crime But I told them, “Until next time!” Even so, the fact remained: I was going away The memories rush back to me
They say that happiness is found in unlikely places
Music A simple beat A harmonious treat I don't make it I can't play it Well actually I can sing
no-tice/ˈnōtis/verb1. to become aware of  
The wonderful trees And the beautiful bees Are part of our Exciting Earth.  
Sitting next to him on the carpet By the suede couch Raindrops fall individually on the roof Then pour all at once His eyes dart to the gray window And cut my sentence short He jumps onto his feet
I don't share popcorn with people.
There’s a moment. That moment. Just one moment that happens so rarely That when it comes people think it’s nothing It’s just something that happens Occasionally. But it’s more than something.
Looking down, over the edge, see the effort you’ve put in and how far you’ve made it. Standing high above the rest Each breeze flushing out stress from the mind Each breathe restores
Oh! The leaves crunch beneath my feet And the only human sound is my heartbeat! Looking to the horizon, I see the changing trees; Their glorious, colorful beauty makes me quiver at the knees.
Coffees in our hands, smoke in our mouths. The morning is nearly-silent, hoarse mutterings. Chipped teeth on glass bottles, pounding bass. Sticky fumblings, trembling hands. Sweat.
The Fog rolls over the Water,
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
She wanders down the beach and thinks of all her hopes and all her dreams. Walking on she reminisces
Its Thursday and I check my phone for the weather before I leave, So it can decide whether I'm wearing my rain boots or my sneakers instead.  
Some are born listeners,
  Reasons To Live   When I raise my eyes from this mug of foam And catch the shadows of scum riding on Smokey light, Or gaze into the terraces that line my mother’s face,
MUSIC...   Loud, Powerful, Moving, Sad, Happy, Inspiring, Passionate, Loving, Tranquil,   MUSIC...   Moves me, Lifts me, Lets me breath,
What makes me happy, you ask? 
RLRR LRLL   In a hall of thousands
I was more avoided than an agitating concessionaire, More empty than a table that's wihtout a chair,  and more alone than a 30 year old teddy bear.   It was then that I met the most amazing someone,
The sunny sky of ninty five is comming to an end  This calls for friday night lights to being
When the world is consumed by the
The way we met is a little odd Messaging me on that internet blog We talked a little no big deal
I still remember when I was a child looking up at my mother with fire in my eyes, asking and pleading and begging to put the flames out with the rain puddles outside. I ran, no shoes, no socks, no responsibilities,
A white sheet and lead is only the beginning
Apples galoreCrisp fall airSunshine foreverplays with your hair. Hay mazes andPumpkin patches.Again the world whorls.Your breath catches.
Roses are red Amusement parks are fun, Now that you have started reading and listening to my poem,
Dawn's rosy fingers streak through the sky 
The happiness is hiding inside
I am five feet tall and full of love And I believe that it’s plenty enough For if I am to die in a year or tonight I can die knowing I shined in someone’s life. I may be small but small is all I need
As the lights fade on The world is so quiet As you hold your pose The nerves grow, you can’t deny it   The first notes flutter Through the air sprinkled with excitement You move the music
When I am left with the emptiness in my bedand loneliness consumes my heart,I think of you. I think of all the times we had together.I think of the December nights we spentlaying next to each other
1 and 2 Arm here hip there Hit it hard now Fly through the air   You're taken to another place 3 and 4 Your soul leaves your body You're wanting more  
Now the summer has come and gone. The school year starts like the break of dawn. On the far horizon I see its glow. What lies ahead?  I do not know. I'll find out soon, I have no doubt.
School ends, and we all cheer.    
I pant in the darkness whispering a silent prayer Praying to the mighty lord To let me be the one he spares Because when night falls evil fills the night
Senior year’s starting now
When darkness surrounds me, When hateful words weigh down heavily, There is always one thing, That is sure to bring, A smile onto my face. My worries vanish without a trace.
I did it.
Sometimes my humans yell at me to move,  
Sometimes, the hardest thing to find in this world is yourself. Who are you  when you have everything is as important as who you are when you have nothing
I swim through late night rendezvous  featuring old Christmas music, my nose guiding me towards Coppertone dreams. Coconut lime incense soaks the curves and ripples of my mind when my heart wants to fly
love liber
I often feel the clouds fog my brain, does that mean my synapses are the suspention wires on the Golden Gate Bridge? Heaven knows.   Makes me feel sick and low and empty, not empy, full,
Let's be happy together! Throw away your worries and run away with me! We can tickle elephants and catch ballons Crash a few weddings and act civilized over tea I wish you'd smile a little
What makes me smile, you ask? What makes me ooze with felicity? Just as oil attracts oil, Happiness attracts happiness.   When I see the glow of laughter or tears of joy,
I sing a song, a song i sing, sitting on a tire swing   Loving, living, breathing air summer breeze blows in my hair The birds disburse as notes fly away
Slam! You close the door, and fall on your knees Just got home, what a day this was, Tired, Hungry, Sagging in your own skin. What's that smell? Wafting toward your nose, a scent on the breeze.
I celebrate myself, and sing myself, as you are one of many, I am one of none, I stop to admire, as you already crossed the finish line.
In all my life I wouldn't think that this thing would be the most important part of me. For years I've waisted time on silly rhymes that meant the most to me But I know what's in life; a bag of sorrows,worries that trouble me.
It's on the news, all of the time That death shall come and seek Where death shall find  
When I get up in the mornings  I don't want to die anymore. I don't get up and think that I am ugly. I eat on a regualr basis. I have friends. I wake up and I am happy. I am the person I want to be.
Why should I sit down watching time flow past like a river filled with melancholy reminders when I can be standing singing dancing to the rhthymn of a thousand voices a hundred drums
Not the common joys of laughter and hobbies but the impossible.   Certainty. Certainty brings me joy. Knowing that I will be secure that I will succeed that I can make it into college
It all begun as soon as I walked into that place, Many standing beside me, I certainly was not just another lonely face. I turned and looked around, noticing my heart beating out of my chest,
You are my hero You are my guide
Oh Doctor, my Doctor                                                                                                                 grinning infectiouslybrown pinstriped suit, brown hair, brown eyes
You are an escape a way to say the words
Grass that grows up to my knees, The sounds of soft fluttering leaves in the trees, I lay my head on soft pillows in bed at night, Watching out of my window the distant stars that shine so bright.  
Volunteer One word 9 L e t t e r s Unlimited Potential. It's not about the praise It's not about yourself It's about how one little act can change someone's life F O R E V E R
Time. The next endagered species. Cluttered with gossip. With work. Unable to be unplugged, Unable to be left empty.   Sick. Uncomfortable. Sneezing, coffing.
The early hour of noon is the best to wake up to. The freedom of daytime lazines is the best ocupation.
Music blaring on my radio, Driving around, nowhere to go, Singing along without a care in the world, If only others could see me glow.   Photo albums spread out on the floor,
Feeling the flames on the side of my face; Smiling, laughing in this bustling space. I have found where I belong- All hopes are high. Nothing can go wrong. My arm burns from whipping. The eggs froth and foam,
Red, vibrant and colorful,
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