Happiness is a Man

I searched for it for years.

I turned every corner,

Seeking to find it.

The Happiness everyone spoke of.


Some said it was a song.

With every note,

it lifted up one’s heart.

But as I listened I did not find it there.


Others said it was money.

The lovely green layers,

Brought joy to one’s heart.

However it sprung no joy in me.


A few said it was knowledge.

With each new thing learned,

There was another reason to have delight.

Yet I still felt empty.


Now, I say it is a Man.

With every word spoken and touch felt,

My heart overflows with pleasure.

I have found what I have longed for.


He is my treasure.

With just the mention of his name,

I am a gullible, innocent child.

Happiness is a Man.



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