"A Derangement Of The Senses"



Escape this engaging chasm, drifting frivolously on by,
  And through, such implicative yet, blissful a chieftain.
As if no dire allure, or any intuition of reasoning, 
  May be ever held, fore in and ever so enduringly.
This shan't be that, which morality nor merit,
  May clamor for scrutiny. 
My heart's devouring nature, and my eye's foolish inflection, 
  May never willfully abide. 
All awhile variant, still tantamount, a soul's fervor, 
  For wisdom everlasting, captivates this consciousness,
  Entices such an entity.
Therefore, narrating every mindful step, succeeding every
  simplistic instinct, each equivocal primal vice.
That which may terrorize, viciously a heart's innocent,
  Purity of perception.
Irrevocably, no longer, may there be such an inquiry. 
  To let it sleep, and have slept forevermore.
For in said slumber, ne'er from trembling lips, May they utter
  little whispers, of elegant sonancy; to impel. 
Only to forever sleep, to fore in and ever more, 
  Lurk here, ne'er more.
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