From pressure


School ends, and we all cheer.    

For times of freedom--                 

endless sights of skies so clear.                  

We all stick with groups of friends

for adventure, to make memories

preserved with a flash of a lens.

We live the perfect dream:

a summer to not forget.

But there is a common theme

We change and stay the same

As a whole we are one

Kindled by a single flame

Surrounded by the same air—

to follow your OWN trail

would be unspoken and rare.

But, unlike all the others

I refuse to remain trapped.

I am painted with my own colors!

This endless rhythm is nice

but I thrive on challenge,

and choose to roll the dice.

As I sit here gazing

on the only life I know

I take in all that is amazing,

and thank all those around

for this chance to be bound.

And break from this mold

because from this pressure

I will become gold.

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