Dog Family

Sometimes my humans yell at me to move,


But I keep wagging my tail.


Sometimes my humans want me to stop licking,


But I keep smothering them with kisses.


Sometimes my humans don’t want to hear me talk,


But I continue to tell them about my day.


For I am not the family dog.


They are the dog family.


I am their favorite puppy to spoil


With cuddles and treats and walks,


All because I am so cute, so happy, and so sweet.


They don’t know what they would do without me


To uplift them on their bad days;


I don’t know what I would do without them


To give me a home, a life, and a meaning every day.


I am not just a dog.


I am a source of happiness, of care and of love for my humans,


But I am only those things because they are a source of the same for me.



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