Shut Up And Listen

Some are born listeners,

other are simply waiting for

their own time in the spotlight

but I,


Like a nurturing tree,

I’ll stand tall,

with large branches

overlooking the greenery

and shade you until

you yearn the light



I will stay by you

in the rain,

in the snow,

your darkest nights,

or when you think

that you are all



Even if the air is

filled with silence,

keep me at bay.

I hope you realize

you exist in this

time and place where

nothing can erase your




it is no stranger than life

to feel the embrace of

revitalized limbs

and fulfilled spirits,

cradle you with gratitude

and a sensation of



They'll see that

the world is colossal

and the sky arches 

to the deep ends of

the earth where

even if you fall off 

one side of the world,

they will reach another side

where the light



A dim world is now

inverted to a sight

indulged with sincerity

and genuine smiles

which walk the horizons

where they



When their eyes radiate

like the sun and

you feel the warmth

envelope inside your body

because you were their



No matter what

they look like,

language they speak,

color of skin,

vision of themselves,

it is beautiful in itself to

help them feel beautiful for



And I think to myself,

how wonderful

the world is

when your eyes

see the open space

around you

and someone to

roam this infinite plateau



A person's happiness

is not just having people

listen to their


or ramblings,

but rather,

the sound of

their silence being



With that being said,

thank you for



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