Happiness Attracts Happiness

What makes me smile, you ask?

What makes me ooze with felicity?

Just as oil attracts oil,

Happiness attracts happiness.


When I see the glow of laughter or tears of joy,

A smile spreads across my face, stretching to reach the tips of my earlobes.

With dimples carved into place,

As teeth are carved into jack-o-lanterns,

My grin overtakes the rest of my face.

Nothing could make me more lively than seeing others living joyously.


We all know the warmth of jubilance is like the sun on your skin

On a smooth summer day.

We know it to be the blissfulness that ensues

After receiving a tight, bear hug.


It is a feeling with which no others can compare,

It is a feeling of goodness, a feeling we share.

Joy is a feeling that lifts me up into the clouds,

And lets me float slowly back down from the high.


So I will maintain my theory:

Just as oil attracts oil,

Happiness attracts happiness.


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