Mon, 10/13/2014 - 20:19 -- AJay

Let's be happy together!

Throw away your worries and run away with me!

We can tickle elephants and catch ballons

Crash a few weddings and act civilized over tea

I wish you'd smile a little

I know you have teeth in there!

If you want, we'll squish Mt. Everest in our fingers

But you gotta stop being such a square!

We'll swim in the Dead Sea to round out your edges

And draw mustaches on tiki heads to take away some volume

We'll make a scary movie to pop some vertices

And suck the rest out with a vacuum

You know how I am when you get sad so don't give me that face

Before I tickle you until you pee yourself

You know I'll do it too

So take off that sad face and put it back on the shelf

We'll draw smiley faces all over that 28% you got on that math test

And scribble out his face in every photo

We'll prank call her until she's laughing too

And the rest of the day will go in slo-mo

Hand me that eraser, lemme fix your face!

You're taking too long to make the decision

You aren't gonna get rid of me until you giggle

So stop acting like the world's ending!



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