One of Myself

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,

as you are one of many, I am one of none,

I stop to admire, as you already crossed the finish line.


I am one of myself,

brilliant, open hearted, and strong minded,

I control my beliefs, as your beliefs control you.


Day by day nothing changes, 

but as we look back everything is different.


I do not listen to the stories around the campfire,

I listen to the crackle and roar of the burning wood.


I look deeper to see more

as you try to see more but look only on the surface.


The child, the boy, and the man,

all the same person, but never staying the same.


I am one of myself,

ever changing human, an unperfected soul, an innocent child silenced by the hands of time.

I am one of myself, not just one of many.


in the never-ending cycle called life.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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