Loud, Powerful, Moving,

Sad, Happy, Inspiring,

Passionate, Loving, Tranquil,




Moves me,

Lifts me,

Lets me breath,

Helps me inspire and reach my dreams,

It gives me a voice,

No longer a face in the crowd,

Connects me with others,

No cries are drowned out,




Saved me,

It lifted me up off of the ground,

Makes me laugh,

Makes me smile,

Makes me stand out,

It's a part of life

Not only the notes on a page,

It gives eyes to the blind and hope to those in pain,

Close your eyes and open your ears,

Let the music drowned out your fears,




Is what I'm proud to be a part of,

Lucky to be able to hear,

It has saved my life and many of tears,


Life is the soundtrack of my fall, my summer, my winter, and spring,

Stop and listen,

Can't you hear my heart sing?



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