The Moment of Perfection


There’s a moment.
That moment.
Just one moment that happens so rarely
That when it comes people think it’s nothing
It’s just something that happens

But it’s more than something.

It’s a special hint of magic in the air
And for a moment
The world goes quiet.
In a loud cafeteria when suddenly
All conversations cease
At the exact same moment.
A happenstance.
A rare possibility
Of impossible probability
Yet it happens.
In that quiet, just a seconds worth,
The world falls into synch.
As if for that moment
Everything is completely fine
And the sun will continue to shine
And in that second
Perfection doesn’t seem so far away.
Just a moment of silence
Of abrupt clarity
Followed by laughter and edge
Because silence is scary
Because it says all the noise never could.
It speaks in measures
And echoes
And emphasis that noise will never attain.
Silence knows that love
Is not just something to be shouted from a mountain
But the adoration of the quiet sunset
That follows.
Silence knows that there is pain in the world
And silence understands loneliness
And agony
But in silence someone can be embraced
By a hint of some possibility.
Silence is like a blank page,
Begging to tell a story
But daring,
For who dares tinker with,
Dare ink out the pure white of a page?
In this, silence is a taunt.
For who is the brave of heart
Who steps forward to share a thought?
Or who is the creative soul
Who stays silent in awe,
In adoration,
Of this silence of coincidence’s creation.
The silence that is unintentional
Is the most beautiful of them all.
A crowded room
Silent not for anything named
Just for a moment.
One moment that was not intended.
A moment some find awkward,
Or awe inspiring.
Just one moment
Which I love
Because it puts the world back into its place.
A world where a word can break something beautiful
And where silence can create
Because perfection is not intentional.
Perfection happens when the world gets into synch
And for one second
Everyone is on the same page
And what happens next is unknown
And what’s happened is being thought on
All at that moment.
A time where reality takes a pause.
Just a moment.
It doesn’t last,
But nothing golden could.
Yet in that silence,
I find love that I may have forgotten.
For I adore that silence.


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