Truth Revealed


Roses are red

Amusement parks are fun,

Now that you have started reading and listening to my poem,

The fun, inspiration, and deepness, has just begun.

I love writing poems,nd i like making them rhyme

havin people smile makes me happy, so i take my time.

Cool summer breeze, alwys relaxes me;

hanging with the people I love and care for, leaves great satisaction engraved in me.

What uplifts me?

My own words, love, LGBT and inspiration.

What controls me?

The deepness of my imagination

I am proud of myself, and how well I can connectm words.

I love the feedback I get, because it let's me know my words are either seen or heard.

I am also proud about how I can have you thinking on a different level.

The specials ones are the ones who can do that; we are the rebels.

I awesome at this,

This is what I do,

My words create their own world,

The world of my own truth that I bring to you.

Looking back at my lifestyle, I capture the fears.

I capture the beauty, the beast;

Whenever you may fall, I capture your tears.

I use poetry to freeze life's turning points, just like a camera.

Can someone say cheese?

I'm like your memories, I'm about to have you remember me!

I now speak to your soul,

it's about that time;

Poeticanthem, take control.

Time lost, is time never gained;

time changed is time that doesn't remain the same.

The intentions of the human mind, branches out incredible ideas.

This is exactly how everyone know, say I'm just being me!

Your living life's everlasting equation;

The entity of the new revolution.

Are you amused now?

Do you now see why I do this feely?

I expressed my mind, my heart, my soul deeply.

I had you thinking on a different level,

thinkin on a mystery level.

The beauty of my poem has your mind blown on a suprising level.

Please underestimate me like a new business deal,

That way when I prove you wrong, it'll be my truth that'll be revealed!


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