My Heartbeat


A white sheet and lead is only the beginning

A black stroke to the right and it keeps going

A line, a peak, a line, a peak...


Is that my own heartbeat


In between each line and peak

I see my favorite memories

Memories I hold dear to me

Memories that make me happy


The black stroke moves with more speed

A line, a peak, a peak, a peak, a line


It seems that my heart beat is increasing

I love the feeling, I love the beat

The beat matches with the sound of my feet

The swoosh, the thwack, the grunt, and the sweat

My trusty racket in my hand

The joy for tennis is all I need

Its only a portion of my heartbeat


It slows, the black stroke moves steady

A line, a peak, a line, a peak


Then I see his eyes stare straight into mine

Looking deep into me, only looking at me

A peak, a peak, a line, a peak


Now my heartbeat is skipping

Looking into his eyes and watching his lips move with his speach

Makes my heart feel warm

It makes me forget about all my worries

It makes the cornors of my mouth peak

Its only a portion of my heart beat


A calm and relaxing feeling takes over my body

A line, a peak, a line, a peak


A pencil, a paper, and maybe some ink

The feums of acrylic, the smell of burnt wood

There's art to the left, there's art to the right

I love this time for art in my life

The time to express, to laugh, to smile

Its what makes me happy

Its ony a portion of my heartbeat


For I am still living and I'll have more memories...









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