Why Women Are Invincible


United States

Who is at fault
For the statistic
That states that every two minutes
(That’s one hundred and twenty seconds)
Another American is sexually assaulted
And more than half
Are not reported

Who is at fault
For the burden
Those people will now carry
For the rest of their lives
And will be lingering
Behind every thought
Every “I love you”
Every “nice to meet you”

Please, tell me
Who is at fault
When the eleven-year-old girls
Are told it’s unsafe
To ever wander alone
Because they’re even at risk
When their head lays down
On their soft pillow

Who is at fault
For my strong-minded opinion
About the treatment of women
And the neglected care
For their special hearts
Ever think that maybe we cried
Because a boy
Told us we couldn’t do it;
That we’re too weak?

Ever think that maybe
We aren’t “bitches” after all
And that our bravery
And outspoken personalities
Are a threat to your so-called power?
And maybe our refusal
To offer ourselves with no charge
Just to receive your approval
Is a dent to your ego?

Women are not weak.
Women are justice;
We are love.
We are more
Than the men
That try to tell us


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