Not The One

The way we met is a little odd

Messaging me on that internet blog

We talked a little no big deal

Little did I know my heart was yours to steal

Months passed by, no word from you

Then all of a sudden "knock knock" guess who

I let you in my life for a reason

In hopes that I could keep you past this season

I remember all the times we spent together

Still to this day I wish that they would have lasted forever

You wowed me with a kind and humorous personality

But in just a few short months, I came to see that wasn't reality

You told me you had more important things in your life

This hurt me worse than being stabbed with a knife

I understand your success is a priority 

But I thought you cared about my feelings for the majority

All you did was pretend, and everything you said was fake

Now I learned my lesson, never will I ever make the same mistake

As I leave you here with this to ponder 

If you shall ever find a female more fonder

Make sure to love her and treat her right

You will know if shes the one, for in your heart she will shine so bright

Now as I lay this love to rest

I wish you nothing but the best


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