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United States
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If by being more concise,

you could shorten your life,

how often would you talk?




The things that make me sad are as follows:


the blare of an alarm clock;

waking up to a dark room;

walking under a dark sky

to sit in a dark bus;


cold and unfeeling winters

that don't leave until I am also cold and unfeeling;


seeing people tell children to shut up;

wondering if the kids will listen;

continuing to follow orders from years ago;


when I feel like I am wasting something;

when I consider ending;

when I remember

that I have been invested in

and debts can't be paid by the dead.




The things that make me happy are as follows:


being totally submerged underwater

in the deep end of the pool on a hot summer day,

limbs suspended,

gravity softer,

feeling weightless as refracted sunlight;


laughing as much as my lungs allow;

smiling for so long

that my face feels tight and sore

and it feels safe and right

to be so close to people;


the intimacy between my brother and me,

a bond formed at the ages of zero and three;

singing badly by day,

singing badly by night,

creating vocal symmetry;


staring up at a dark sky,

counting the stars overhead;

eyes closed in a dark room,

the warmth of my bed.




When I was younger,

I talked too much

and when I was older,

I talked too little

but nowadays

I talk.

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