I don't share popcorn with people.
Not usually, anyway.
My friends kept asking for some,
So I gave them each a single kernel.
Five minutes ago.
We're still standing in the same spot
At the entrance to the corn maze.
"How do we pick groups?"
"Which maze should we do first?"
They're so indecisive.

We're finally going somewhere,
Into the easiest maze.
I press prints into the dirt with 
Sparkly pink Sketchers:
The same pair from seventh grade PE
Because my feet never grew,
And who wants mud on their new Chucks?
It's chilly in this borrowed coat,
But I don't mind.

We were in the third maze a little while ago.
I'm not sure where we are now.
We knocked down some corn earlier,
So we're probably in the fourth maze.
I don't know.
The map said not to make shortcuts.

The night has gotten darker.
I can't see my hands in front of my face:
Probably because they're in my pockets,
But that's not the point.

We've stopped moving.
Cupping my hands around my mouth,
I scream,
A moment passes.
Suddenly, the air is thick with the resounding
Rising from cornstalks in every direction as
Strangers join our game.
I laugh until my stomach hurts and do it again.

You know those spiky seed things
That are super tiny and stick to your clothes
And prick your fingers when you pull them off?
We found a sandy spot
Perfect for stargazing
And we sat down
And now those pokey things are on my butt.

We finished the corn maze.
It was kind of an accident;
We just stumbled through a break in the corn
That happened to be the exit.
Cooper's chasing a goat.

We have to leave now.
The crisp autumn air sees us out,
Scraping my cheeks as we walk.
We separate like paths of the maze;
A grin splits my mouth as I wave
Bouncing in my juvenile sneakers.

I forgot to return the coat.


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