The List

I did it.

That list.

It’s finally gone.

I’ve rid of all that was on it, it is now done.

It’s no longer a task to me, but simply sweet, sweet memories.

Hold on, what are you thinking now?

I am proud of my list.

It wasn’t easy to do.

Sometimes I had to sneak about.

I left no clues.

I was assisted with some of the things I did.

I smiled during each one.

I was completed.

I’m overjoyed that I managed to do it.

It was about time I got to it.

I did something for myself for once.

I do not regret a single moment.

Some people may call me crazy.

I say, “You’re just lazy!”

My list was my own, and I hid it at home.

I had only 3 months to complete my mission.

Sunshine and rain was my competition.

I wish somonee would’ve been there to witness my actions.

So no one would makes silly accusations. 

This list wasn’t long.

It involved a few people.

One was even a group deal.

Hold on, what are you thinking now?

Wait, I know.

You little sorrowful person.

I’m not killing people.

It can’t be that believable.

My list was my to do’s.

To conquer my summer with an iron fist.

I simply had a Summer’s Bucket List.


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