The King's Run


The Fog rolls over the Water,

The Morning Frost is on the Trees.

i step into the Frigid River,

i'm in Deep above my knees


my hands are Numb, 

my body Cold.

i know what lies in this River,

an Endless story of Generations retold.


the B.F. Spinner is in the air,

it's Metal reflecting the Morning Sun.

it Splashes down Quiet and Unheard,

it's Time to witness Winter's Run.


i reel in slow, 

knowing what soon must come.

my body is tensed,

my presentation is done.


Exploding with Fury,

the line is Pulled into the Depths.

i slam back on the rod,

i'll fight till i have nothing left.


the Water is Churning,

a Ferocity i have never seen.

the Fight put up by this Monster,

explains why they call him King.


He blows through the Surface,

a Beautiful Blood Red with Chrome,

The King does not belong Here,

but Once it was his Home.


the line goes slack, 

with a quick flip He spits the hook.

i have no frustrations though,

because i was given the opportunity to look.


a look at this Beautiful Creature,

Wild but Free.

a look at this Beautiful Creature, 

there is more than the eye can see.


They give their lives for Their Children,

One Life in return for Another.

as Eggs are lain,

Parents bodies give one last shudder.


a true act of Courage,

and Bravery.

The King lives a Life of Freedom but at the same time,



live Your life in the deep sea,

but one day You must return.

give birth to the new Generation,

then it will be Their turn.


humans can learn a lot from Them,

if we just take a look and examine.

for It is a Magnificent Creature of the World,


The Pacific King Salmon.


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