Twist and Shout for the Power of Words


What makes me happy, you ask? 


The power of words.


A favorite quote in script on the wrist.


A sticky note of encouragement for a hard day.


While most do not notice the depths of the heart words can reach, I relish in their power.


A meaningful anacoluthon from a relative expiring.


A letter written by a lover years ago, frozen in time with the feelings overflowing from the page. 


Words go beyond the grave, farther than time.


A song lyric that has comforted through life’s anguish.


A voicemail filled with apologies long overdue.


These are the powers of words.


But how does this make me happy, you ask?


The hope that life goes deeper than the surface is spewing from the power of words.


Words can remain forever, etched in the mind, in stone, in ink, in picture.


Why shouldn't I strive for my life to follow this pattern?


So I find happiness in the encouragement of words, their power promises my life can be just as meaningful and everlasting.


The power of words.


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