The beginning comes again like a cat chasing a mouse,

Or such as the hunger of light coming into a shadowy room.

I will never get used to this feeling.

The feeling which is a good gift. Which is a bad gift.

The gift of reminiscence.

Oh here is another one, another memory, another gift


Hot and humid.

Sweat trickling down.

Sleepy daze, sigh.


Jerk up, who did that?

Droplets in the air

glinting with the light of the sun.

Fun. Fun in the sun.


Look around.

Keka's Family is all you see.

But there? Oh yes, your troop is waiting for you,

Athos, Aramis and Porthos.

Riding to new adventures.

Fighting crimes.

Solving Mysteries.

The Family Business.

Imagination and innocence flowing.

Our secret squad.


" That one kissed me on the cheek"

I lean back taking a deep breath,

Tutto diventa più facile con il tempo e la pratica

I always wonder why this power was given to me, a power which I have no control over.

That's the thought that pulls on my hair everyday


The hair on my arm stands up.The first sign.

I brace myself.

What will it be this time.






Which feelings presence will I be blessed with? Cursed with?

The game is on…


Desolate docks with small aimless arks,

Blank beams cut into you,

as the swaying ruffles of tropical breeze

engulf your dripping facade.


Goes the wait at the end of the line.

"Keka, Make sure the buoy floats on the surface"

He says

Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Goes the spongebob themed watch.

Dead noise

Boredom impales every viable cell


Goes the buoy on the soft sea

Anticipation dies

The hour halts

Plop plop

The buoy spazes

Apprehension comes to life

Plop plop

The reel zooms off

Plop plop

Your calloused strength fights

Plop plop

You can see it

Plop plop

"Under the boat" you yell

He strikes the marina with the net

Thud thud

The fish’s gills gasp for air in an oblivious hysteria.

Thud thud

His face strung with pride.

You cherish the proud moment,

Ulysses looking for land,

Going home,

with innocence of victory



An interesting choice.

A fond memory that I had not endulged enough in.


They are coming much easier now, it seemed impossible to overcome before.

Sembra impossibile finché non è finito


The cursed gift burns and rises throught it's ashes as a new gift in a different light.

I must accept.

I must accept.

I let it go


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