A Silent Prayer

I pant in the darkness whispering a silent prayer
Praying to the mighty lord
To let me be the one he spares
Because when night falls evil fills the night
Taking everything into darkness and everyone in sight
Evil took my family and rip them out my hands
But evil has a name but I refer to him as the cloaked man
He comes in every night and takes them in the dark
Only leaving fear and blood behind that's his mark
I hear screams but I try to ignore
Because if I listen I'll be trying to get through that door
I've never been touched but I know my fate
Because only my flower has yet to be penetrated
He took my friend and she's never been the same
She shudders at any touch and won't speak of anything
But I'm different ,special everyone says
Because I never been picked apparently he saved the best for last
So I close my eyes and say this silent prayer
I don't deserve this but I suppose it's only fair
Everyone here has been beaten  and abused
So what makes me any different or my fate any less true
But god I pray that the pain will be quick
and my heart unchanged by this man so wicked
I take a deep breath as the door slowly cracks
"Amy"I hear from a voice  from the past 
I look up fast not believeing my ears
But there stands my mother broken down in tears
She runs towards me engulfing me in her embrace
"Mommy" I say tears running down my face
"You're safe now that man will never see the light of day again"
"So it's over now this the end" 


Darkest Mystery

I wrote this based on a nightmare I had and it represents not only rape but kidnap and hope for a better day and a better life


I really connected with this. You laid the visual out really well. You have a true talent in your words. I had a dream once and my mother was being sexually expolited by this man who has involved with drugs and she would say "No quiero papi" which translates as "I don't want in English". The man used a knife to carve into her back directions or something and essentially it came down to either me saving my mom or saving myself. I'm leaving some details out but the dream made of think of what it means to really love someone and what does taking  life for life or doing tic for tac do but cause even more hurt and pain. It just made me think about some things a little bit differently. I just wanted to share that with you.

Darkest Mystery

Thank you so much I really appreciate it

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