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My momma always did say those bradford pears, Smelled like the dead, Somethin’ ‘bout a southern curse.   Ain’t nothin’ lonelier bein’ inside these pine walls,
TOMORROW, I'll cry for all the world,for all the things gone wrong.I will cry for every techered bird who has lost her joyful song.I will cry for ever flower who has lost his colour.
i  saw a little leaf to whirling in the wind,didn't want to fall from the treebut the leaf keeps falling over,i prop it up, it falls again .At the end, the heartbroken leafleaves a tear when it falls
Our life a dazzling dream and the death a new arrival,there is no end and never was a begginning.Thousand centuries will gone and will leave faint signsin the breaths of time, thousand suns will light up
And at the end, what?what happens to the living when they die?what happens to the tears when the eyes close?Where do the stars go when we don't dream?where the pain of memory goes?
My child, let your life come into the world of darknesslike a spark of light, without flicker and pure,and thank them in silence. You know, my child, they are cruel in their greed and envy,
After time,people will say,in those years,  we lost the meaning of we,we lost the sense of universalityfound ourselves prisoners into ego,in a long soliloquyand the infinite life reduced to i,  
All humans on earth are one.We descend from the same family of common ancestors.We are, in a quite literal sense, siblings,and like siblings we depend on each other's loveand care and responsibility.
I mjss waking up to the sound of little kids in the roads, Screaming and shouting as they play ball. You don't even need to know my name, You just have to want to play. It was simple there.
We walk in darkness most of our lives and fear lifting the veil that shields us from doubt, from fear; Nowhere is there help that we can see,
I want you. You know its true. I'll say it again. I want you. I want you. I want you badly. Have you ever wanted, badly? I badly want you. Sometimes I think I only want it as its bad. 
  "I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be."  ~ Joan Dideon  
Kids on computers, Parents out of work. The climate's changing And Earth is dying.   Stores are closing and The streets are empty. There's smoke in our atmosphere, Poisoning our air.
Five years old. Clouds like eyes in the summer sky. Fairies frolic through dandelion fields. In a timeless abyss  I roll down grassy hills, search for four leaf clovers dance on the moons of mars,
Is that clock telling the correct time? It’s almost 9 a.m. I went to bed late and I overslept. I’m not even sure what day it is. The calendar on the wall is showing Monday, But it feels like Saturday.
The cancer of my brain  Makes the world insane  Who am I to blame? For the lame  Calamity that consumes this sphere  of biodiversity  A world of adversity  People grow in masses 
The poem "Bastard" is about an alienated child born out of wedlock. S/he suffers rejection anywhere s/he goes; to mother, father and even grandparents. S/he gets neglected by everyone so much that not even school or Xmas parties are accessible.
The poem "Bastard" is about an alienated child born out of wedlock. S/he suffers rejection anywhere s/he goes; to mother, father and even grandparents. S/he gets neglected by everyone so much that not even school or Xmas parties are accessible.
Like schroedingers cat The tank top strap you’re looking at  Wondering if it’s a bra or something far less scandalous Is simultaneously both
I stand upon this stage today, A different man than yesterday. Under these lights which shine my face, I take part in life's daily race. But I do not quiver, I do not fear, Like all the times of yester-year
I’m a little too much of the same thing I run on the railway lines That roll as straight and narrow As the razor-sharp wire I Am constantly using as a tightrope
She races to my car As our eyes meet from afar Her pink dupatta drags itself on the road Why does she carry this wave of hope?   I pray for the light to change But she’s beside me right away
i look around myself and im startled at what i see millions of other people who love and live like me   we may be different some on surface or beneath but all together people
The sight of those fires Seeking air in their confines Gives a reflection Elsewhere, far from themselves   Those who lost their light And constantly struggle To shine regardless  
The Thought of Communities Interests Me ..... Because Communities NEED ... UNITY ... If They're Gonna SUCCEED In Keeping The Peace ... !!!
Arise, all peoples of the world and take your place in society.  Be the light to those in your community who are living in the dark; the light that lights the way to the truth. 
Value your friendships,  hold them tight. Say you won't let go, in the night. Cultivate, grow them, give them light. Reach out to others with love, and things will be made right.
meet me for coffeein some corner cobwebbed and forgottenwe can talk about the things wedrophabits and plates and dreamsmaybe you can tell mewhy it is easy to declare retreat
When I was a boy sometime ago I faced a problem and wanted to let go. I felt scared but wasn't sure where and I was not strong. I had little courage
Patience What is it? A nonexistence. The mind was wicked, and the body was involuntary. Play around, aggravate sound, Adam found. Indeed, an innocent one.   Patience What is it?
I'm Losing them.  What will I do? midnight trips laughter by the fire— all Gone, faded Memories.    What will I do— getting drunk on good vibes all those sleepless nights
To wonder under great arcing hollows, to gaze upon the cracking art,  knowing not what is to follow and knowing not what was the start   To peer into the eyes of blessed saints,
Like a colony of trees, Resources we share for all to bare Twist and swerve; curl and duck Drawing in and in, each winding root Water, endless pools of pristine liquid
I am walking through a sea. Not of wind nor of waves, but of souls, True individuals with names.   Aren’t we all that will pass, From this big empty rock mass? In the end,
the first time i heard about you it was like a dream your name sounded so good leaving my mouth "college" but despite everyone saying that you love me  you despise me  a first generation chicana female 
The world is  as small as an airplane and  as big as however long of a trip you take.
I have offered asylum.You have come and left and come. To be a sanctuary, I must oil the hingesand shake out the doormatson a regular basis, gather sustenancefor all who arrive, and offer tea.
"Somewhere", spoke the grey lips in the wall.Somewhere before sunrise,before the first bird crows to dawnand the apathetic are yet to uncurlthe grit that gathers like dustbetween the fold of shallow eyes.
PunchPunchPunch the house It's so messed upI want out Light it up, I cannot bearMy sister crying as people stare What will it take?I do no know. I dare not ask,indifference my foe
Undocumented aliens, Racists see them as the enemies They’re trying to make a living for themselves, Not to mention for their families. Getting deported by I.C.E So hard to comprehend
Caramel like apples, sweet and nice.  Dark like chocolate with a red cherry undertone. Yellow like the flower, pink in shades of lemonade. Pastel, light, and soft as a dove.
What Is Sex Really About?   Someone once asked me, what is sex really about? Is it when a man climax and your name he utters out? Is it the intimacy of the act between a woman and man?
Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, Christians All face the same problem if you mention Their skin is darker than the other ones Past is heavy, shit feels like a ton Whether in Africa, Asia, or the Carribean
How do you love one person so much  That the world just stops That instead of a person  They're just an idea  A passion   They rule your thoughts Your stories
Turn on your TV, What do you see? A child, Trapped. Not by the bars of school, But by the bars of poverty. Never to learn how to hold a pen, But they'll learn how to hold a gun.
There can only be one opinion, right?   “Because I love you.” These are the precious words: Full of hope, promises, and happiness,
Love to me is less like reality and closer to a dream, Love is the driving force behind everything Love is to humans as water is to nature,
Less sugar, More flavor, With a hint of lime, And salt. Therefore, Balance  of Life  and Love.
I'm Into beats  That start up is sweet  So I'm ready to leap Not to compete  That's for survival  That's not a lie though  You know you gotta show How flows can leave your foes froze
My emotions move slow Trying to keep my head low I'm pent up  And ready to blow That's what I know  I'm sick I'm lonely And home sick Missing kid shit And wanting to split
Born from an egg like all the other ducklings And from a family who thought would teach it right, But who knew family could just be as bad? Intentionally laughing and pointing at it out of spite--
Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light People born to privilege deciding what is right. By the cop lights’ red glare, guns bursting through the air Gave proof through the night, that inequality is still there.
America the Great, for what we are known for. Living in the Mid-West I feel every season. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, all in one.  The hot summer days are gone before the blink of an eye with winter on its way. 
Just like a heartbeat,  white people are born with white privilege,   Looking at me  you would never guess  that I am 50% Hispanic, According to my Maybelline foundation stick,
                Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Being able to take advantage of it during the era of lightning fast information exchange is something that I really do appreciate.
There are people who love youPeople who hate youPeople who wish they were youBut you’re youThey want to be like BeyoncéOr swag it out like my friend JovanteBut nobody is as great as youBeing you
1.     Community Member. 2.     Bottom Shelf, but lower than that. 3.     Secrets underneath the floorboards. 4.     Not a hero nor a heroine . 5.     Numb to headlines of “Ann Arbor Teen Dies…”
The Hit We were in the same city when you died.I didn't know until hours after arriving homewhen I saw the pictures,saw you,I didn't understand. Wade, I thought it was your birthday.
I never really understood who I was Now more than even I still wonder who I am Yet I think before I had an idea or I thought I did Just in one short year I lost that part of me
Although it never occurred to me That we is greater than I And the unfolding of time Is really just an illusion  Of the mind’s eye Within it holds a truthGreater than any truth known
This year, I burned myself away I let myself wilt  Without dismay Often, I was horrified A world in meltdown Triggered my pride And let me drown I got up, though I always came around
The river runs deep Deepened with crimsion Each death premautre and unjustified Lives claimed           stolen           devalued Left behind are family                           loved ones
The hunter's arrow Sleek and swift Pointed straight at my foot What he was aiming for Could not fly   The clouds were not his friends Focused too much on the wormy muddle
The freedom I felt to express was so effortless, yet so natural and challenging.
Why are we people subservient to the self-servient nature in us? We need to set our minds on each other and fill our hearts with trust So that we can maintain our grassy plains, Cultivate creativity, 
Human minds are silly little models The birth children of originality And the forcibly adopted stepchildren of Society Cousins of melancholy
Locker 1453. I left a part of myself behind your door on the last day of seventh grade; you wheezed and sputtered when I opened you,  but I didn't mind; for you had become a strange sort of companion
Today is my day. Though things may not go my way, From my path of success I will never stray.   I am powerful, fearless, strong. Each morning that is my chorus, verse, my song.
(Businessman Perspective) Cold and hungry as I tried to find a place to rest, I finally see a small warm cafe at the end of the road. I started to jog and cross my arms in front of my chest,
Thank you all for coming to Group tonight!My name is Griffin and I am……BlankNothingEmptyDevoidThese were what I thought.These were what I used to believe.These were what I was.
Women in the Web by Kari Barge   Things have changed We may not be burned at the stake But we are forced to fake…
Our universive is gigantic The fact that planet Earth is only a tiny speck of dust on an infinity that we will never discover. We want to know everything, we shouldn’t!
A new life, she has a fresh healthy cry  A mother’s warm embrace, her soft coo Cheers and congratulations abound Friend and family gather with smiles  
Everyone wants to be beautiful. Nobody recognizes true beauty until it's gone.   It's just like the old saying, "you don't realize what you've got until it's gone". It's the same for beauty.  
This is a poem for my brothers and my sisters Yes the brothers and sisters of my blood and Yes the brothers and sisters of my hood and
Pops, you watch too much TV.   I feel convinced that I have now become a faceless memory,   That only photographs will bring short-term remembrances of me.   Pops,
half-form words....  sentences broken in two  thoughts never brought to        wishes stuck the     inside   confines       of my head 
To spill the anger burning inside, To caress the heart crying,  To impede the endless thinking of mine,  To prevent myself from dying.    To cherish the precious memories made, 
These Halls shroud our day to day I discover your eyes in a snatch Maybe we give an enriching smile  Or not  
It can't stop. It won't stop. you feel the heat and it ain't hot. I see red lights, cameras flashing, and people crying, day and night, screaming, "They killed my baby, Oh my god! they killed my baby, what am I gone do.
Wounds, that illuminate...That spirit, that planted the seed…unknown!Just a biological relationship…is not a home.The soulknows you not…Depart from thee.
I am a writer I am a musician I am an athlete I am many nouns But I am more than nouns I am tall I am compassionate I am hard to read I am many adjectives But I am more than adjectives
The frantic forest floor,it was so cluttered once,every rustle was news, unsilenceable.Leaves fell, animals tracked through the dappled shifting sunlight, and it was all important.
A single drop of rain  Is a bullet from a sniper in the sky 
Who comes to help you,when you are dying?Who comes to help you,when theres a fire?Who comes to help you,when your on the highway and bust a tire?
Big eyes Epic battles Adorable outfits Zany people   I'm filled to the gills with them And frankly, I'm fine with that. I'm glad to be the queen of them
Insipred by the 2012 Waldo Canyon and 2013 Black Forest fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
That aged gentleman Walking aimlessly Down the street, Jagged, broken, empty, He fits.   That weary mother Holding her crying baby At the bus stop, Pure, beautiful, blessed,
How does one act white? Do I have to speak proper English and wear nice clothes? Do I have to get good grades and not cuss all the time? If that's acting white, then yeah I guess I act white.
Tssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.   Silence. That sound is a lover of the wind breathes essence of fire
My bones were feeble My breath had weathered My voice can be heard as a bare, cracked whisper And I listen at how fragile we are... For which my lungs, they were thirsty for air
And I wrote these thoughts down in my head Where they would never be spoken of again Until the findings of a fragile mind erupt in time And space, gathering the courage to be
To the girls in love with the runners. To the boys in love with the runners.
When my dad lets me borrow the car I don't even have to drive far As soon as the car is on I turn up my favorite song As soon as I arrive, I embrace the others who have already arrived With hugs
There’s a stigma within the black community That if you’re educated, you’re acting “white”.  No longer are you associated with the “ghetto”  Or should I say your kind, If you have your pants above your waist
I am surrounded by perfect lawns So crisp and uniform they might as well have just come from a factory Perky flowers that smell like spring sit in weedless beds
I'd rather my mirror speak truth than lies When a reflection meets my eyes Rather be an elder at my final hour Than a newly sprouted flower Better to be tattered and worn Than word left unsworn
A small city with big dreams Nothing but opportunity
As we walk on this world Full of anger and hate Nos vemos nosotros getting dirty of it De lejos venimos to look for a dream Un sueño, that makes us forget what really exists
Walked in shattered, Plastered to pew,  shadow black, back row 3 to the right, Looking for immunity in community, Only to find more scrutiny, Black sheep, Cracked heart,
There are some things I will never forget. Ten years from now, your smile as we walked through the park is all that I'll have left. I am grateful for the potency of these images,
Have you noticed me yet? The little burst of purple in that crowd, the one with her arms stretched high over her head. The one playing back directly whatever command the band gives.
Why do they stare a me like I'm so different? Is it because my skin color is the color of warm hot chocolate mom would make for me and my siblings on a cold morning
Protection from the sun, A place with all things fun Does not exclude anyone.   Diversity is pure. Every day becoming clear That friends of all color are near.  
This generation can change the world And we don’t even have to get off our laptops   My generation cannot hide from the world There is no distance Ukraine is next door. West Africa across the street.
Finally the time has come to run Spring time is always filled with so much fun   Laughs and cheers fill me with bliss Everyone is over joyed and the snow will not be missed.  
Hi Annie Hi my name I am unique and very passionate about God I'm very bright in all I do I learn about love at the age 16 . love is God Love makes peace Love is truth Love is bright
  All I see is Gold in the beam, We step to drive, to where we lead, Believe me, about this beam, we have our ups So we don’t drown
Judgement on this world Society truth. Hatred. suffering the Lies
A monkey is in a tree by the ocean by the sea In a tree all on its own Free to roam And inhale the ocean breeze
If I see what nobody else sees, I’ll be labeled with the crazies. Even if reality is what one perceives, If there’s nobody to share it with, It might as well be a myth. Reality becomes a hallucination
Some of my people steady actin like they weak
It is dangerous to underestimate the value of this life.  It is dangerous to belittle the opportunities to overcome strife. Life is fragile. When it is lost, it is hard to know how to respond.
My life has been hidden by a set of horizontal blinds.
Free HimBut what has He done to free himself?
Perfection is a desire, Freedom an aim, But how much would I give, To make one little change.   People with similar tastes, Similar goals, Similar lifestyles, Is what we look for.
I eat, breathe and think school.  Why? 
Give me a generation,  and we will change the world Give me an hour, and you will turn the tides Give me five is all that is required, but deep inside you know you can inspire
If I drop one tear it’s for my brother Living alone with no mother Thought that life couldn’t get any worse When guns putted my brother in a hearse
What Would You Change You have just been given the power to change anything in the world What would you change?
The United States of AmericaThe New WorldAn escape for a new lifeA new beginning
If I had the power to change things I would not change much Just the direction of my feet When the ground is hard and Laden with a cobbled facade I would change the sound of a tragedy
You ask what I would change myselfWell, my friend, you seeThere's nothing I wish to change in myselfBe I'm perfectly flawed as me  
  No Compassion  
At the sound of an alarm, We wake! At the smell of a brew, We wake! At the turn of a key We move! On our path to fortune, We dream, Yet, at the sight of the homeless child,
It started with the act of observing all of the occurrences in my community. This wouldn't have occurred if my eyes were staring at a cell phone screen.
We demand.We expect. We desire. We want to strive. We want to live. We abuse. We forget. We ignore. Many suffer for us. We tend to forget them. We need to stop. We need to help.
This is their place, the place they freely roam; This is their place, the place they call, “Home”.  
Our words already frozen, long ago
  The rowdiness around me is a Disturbance in this peaceful place But I have stood here long enough To rekindle the beauty that was once known   That beauty is being ruined by who?
Busy sidewalks, crowds of people— rush rush rush.   No time, no time, will not stop hesitate—   Too busy busy busy too much effort to see difficulty.  
  It’s when autumn in its final throes surrenders and one morning you draw in a peculiar breath thick with frigid air that you realize the winter’s made its presence.
She is a connection among people.  We unite physically and mentally.    Her members live in proximity. We call the same place home. Her members relate emotionally. We share a common goal.   
Money vs Survival
Money vs Survival Another worry versus another worry Seeking money to survive veruses just survivng Slaving away versus Living away Tears of hardship versus Tears of real life.
Bad things happen.
Does nobody care? Can nobody hear The calls of the dying and hungry, Poor and restless with fear?                       How can we be content with our actions, Yet achieve no satisfaction
Life's a stormy sea With ups and down's you see Change is our every revival  Adaptation is our means of survival   School isa ajungle you know The predators put on a show
Community means the people around me. They start with family, and extend outwardly. These people include my team, my friends, my school
One Thirteen, Can mean many things. It's a symbol, some people ask me why I remember Because it seems like yesterday when I was just so little. This life, it feels like a riddle While I'm being belittled.
It’s been a hard day’s night I should be sleeping like a log But the fools are steady day trippin’ So I have to fight them off
    Waiting outside, day in day out, from the morning's beginning, till past the ninth inning. Crowded before work, people listen, read, write and wait... Persistent patience while the rain's delaying.
Little girls growing up. Limited in their visions. Little boys growing up. Limited in their prosperity.  Who are we? We the people. We are supposed to be free. Who are we? We the people. We are meant for simplicity.
  Of eight sisters, I am the second. Though dissimilar in stature and mannerisms, We are closely connected.   Mama is the leader of the household. Lilliputian in size, but lively and loud,
I write because I can. If I don't, I can feel myself bleeding out There is not a person on this planet, or any other That listens as well as the pen and the paper. Not a soul who won't judge you,
My  brother way more than a friend, to think you wouldn't be here till the end. To see your face, feel your warm embrace would dry up all my tears.
Can we write a story That started at birth Can we carry a notebook While crossing the earth   Can we tell tales that stir us With wonder and laughter And erase the tears
A time far past, A place far distant, An interest for few. Catul Hayuk its name.   A first day of class, A new understanding, A city, a town. Catul Hayuk its name.  
As we complain about things being unfair, there are families in the US without health care. You may not have gotten what you wanted for your birthday, there are people in Haiti trying to survive after an earthquake.
I step out of the plane Baggage on my right hand A bag of toys on the other. One foot touches the concrete. The hard surface onto the soft soles of my feet.
If today were the last day to live, would you call your enemies and forgive? or would you go to the shelter to give? something simple can express so much our hands together is a simple touch
Abnormal, poor, weird words I hear daily Growing up poor wasn’t a choice; wishing it was a choice Each day I struggle looking over my should, hearing them laugh, Avoiding the landlord, rents overdue.
Life is like dominoes, each one has an effect, wherever the first one falls has an influence on the next.
If the heroes of old learned how we kept this place They would rise from the grave and they would spit in our faces The land and the sea is soaked with blood and their tears Maintaining our freedom for hundreds of years
Hearing the helicopter all night woke up the next morning wanting to ride my bike my good friend just got into a fight So we head to the streets at the break of daylight kids growing up wanting to be heard on the mic
Dragging, Lagging You don't seem to mind Hauling, Falling They're getting behind The well's run dry But what do you do? You spend and you lie About what they've gone through Dragging, Lagging
Do not run. Walk. Do not yell. Talk. These somber expressions They haunt me my nights, to make perfect impressions, to have the right opinion, the right clothes, the right smile,
Just the powerof one Just the power of many United by all we’ve become I seize the day   Just what we’ve always wanted Just what can never be reached The colors of life seem brighter
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