With You Always

A new life, she has a fresh healthy cry 

A mother’s warm embrace, her soft coo

Cheers and congratulations abound

Friend and family gather with smiles


And an old one, him with rattling lungs

Cracked skin, his wife’s hands tight in his

Many come to speak their goodbyes 

And even more hold back tears for him


Memories are made with each passing second

First cry, first yawn, first meal

Eager eyes soak up each sweet moment

Little girls giggle as they stroke her silky skin


A lifetime of memories is recounted

Young love, harsh war, peaceful evenings

Each person cherishes this bittersweet time

Wizened old men quietly chat together 


A great big yawn, a sleepy smile

Her small pink body snuggled tight

Hushed voices meld into a soothing lullaby 

She falls into a peaceful slumber


A rasping breath, a coughing grimace

His frail body with blankets piled high

All those around bring such tranquility

He sinks into a restless doze


Morning comes with a vigorous wail

Around her a world revolves

All day long, surrounded by admirers

At no time did her desires go unfulfilled


Grey light seeps through the window

A gentle touch awakens him

In the midst of the loving crowd

His drooping eyes gaze about 


With everyone together she leaves

Down the street a ways she goes

Into a home of grey light

To the man with tired eyes


He hears a knock, low murmurs swirl about

Enters the last few to arrive

A warm bundle, pressed into his cold arms

The day has finally come


A deep sense of comfort pervades

Nothing can dull the moment

All are near, every face

Bringing each their own thoughts


Immediately love blooms within

For the precious being cradled in his arms

His heart content, his smile faint

Tonight he will have his peace


Asleep in their loving arms

She takes a deep breath of air

He closes his eyes as the light fades

All is well, he exhales 









This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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