Why I Write


I write because I can.

If I don't, I can feel myself bleeding out

There is not a person on this planet, or any other

That listens as well as the pen and the paper.

Not a soul who won't judge you,

Except the ink and the page.


I write because I have to.

I have a story to tell

One of pain and sorrow, and regret and shame

But also one of triumph and joy.

A story where, against all odds, 

The good guy comes out on top.


I write because others need me to.

Everyone has a story to share.

We all have experiences that, when put into words, create a beauty that could change the world.

One story starts another which starts another, 

Until one day, we all finally share in the victory over our pain

A triumph nothing and no one can take away from us.


I write

Because when we unite under the written word,

There is nothing that could defeat us.


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