It can't stop. It won't stop. you feel the heat and it ain't hot. I see red lights, cameras flashing, and people crying, day and night, screaming, "They killed my baby, Oh my god! they killed my baby, what am I gone do. This is where the games stop and feelings drop. No one can see the REAL in REALity until someone is shot. It takes a gun for one to see, well hold on can't we all just be, as one, not just for me but the ones just like me; the ones who want a chance to see the highest peaks and be all they can be, the ones who care about what happens in their community. Why don't WE and I say WE take a stance and let out voices speak free on what is happening in our society. Everyone is always screaming, "Stop the shooting", "Stop the killing" or  "Hands up don't shoot, but in REALilty are they getting heard, obviously not if someone is still being killed every week. Instead of shouting, take action and show no remorse, show the world who you are and that your life matters too, speak out of tone, get angry, get aggressive, show how much you need immunity. Go to school, graduate, go to college, show them that we are not what they want us to be. This world was created for you and me to live and be free, so let's stop fear and ring bells until we all are able to cheer and see REALity.   

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Our world
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