Wrong Love Song

Sat, 12/19/2020 - 20:26 -- Algie

I want you.

You know its true.

I'll say it again. I want you. I want you.

I want you badly. Have you ever wanted, badly?

I badly want you. Sometimes I think I only want it as its bad. 

Whats another way to say it? 

Im saying I need you wrongly when I want you badly.

I shrink away. 

Thats what wanting you is for me.

You make me melt;

No no no, not in the swooning, sweep me of my feet, clamy palms, breathless, tingling fingers, hairs in the back of my neck electricity, no one in the world  but you, heart skips a beat, dry mouth, hard cock, nervous butterflys in stomach, feel lighter than air, gravitational pull, my reason for living -



No. Not that kind of melting. 


Wanting you strips away parts of me that I want to keep close.

Parts I like, I think I need, And yet I let myself onto my knees?

I descale submit lowering shrinking disappear for you. All for wrongly needing you.


And I know its wrong as the push, its strong, but at the end of it all, at the end of the day, you're warm. 

Yeah youre warm. Youre quite simply there, warm and there and breathing in air. Youre another person in the flesh, that wants me. And you wanting me makes me want you, badly.

I cant go on at all making myself this snall by putting you up on some pedestal as  eventually im going to be invisible to myself. 

Never to you. 

No, youve never even seen me. 

You dont need to I guess, as long as you want me. 

I just want you. 


Or you. Or you, or you or you or just not to be alone. 

Im bowled over by your want, whoever you are, no matter how nonchalant.

Weather a little or a lot - I'll take it. Promise on my mono-phobia it will only take you four beers 

Before the Uber comes, and cupid strikes reluctantly 

And before your fly is eye level to me 

And before I let you do what you want to me 

Because you showed interest in me Because its clear right now you want me And you know that makes me want you, badly 

Yes, before all that - I’ve planned our wedding.
Whether you like it or.
Whether I like you or not. 


Im not good at love songs. 


I think I want it so badly, I'll even take it if its wrong. 



Paul T

I don't know who you are, but I think you're confusing love with sex. But, I do have to say that the rhyme between "want" and "nonchalant" was very subtle though.

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