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  I write because I have the means.I have 5 right hand soldiers, a pen, and bad dreams.    I write because I'm tall. Because I weigh somewhere around 140lbs And because I have no curves so the ones on the words look so attractive to me.     I write because I talk too fast, too much.But I write slower and type somewhere in between So my head gets a break and I can say what I actually mean.     I write because I walk. Because I pay my bills. Because sometimes that's hard.     I write because I sing and sometimes there isn't a song to do what I need it to yet.    So, I write.     I write to be heard. So I can speak with words fluid with intent,Packed with purpose and taut like the tension in a bowstring. My icy stare:  a bow, My tongue:  a trigger,My breath:  the release, [ POW. ]    Ideas are my ammunition. Gun powdered ambition.     Peppered with four lettered guardians. Protecting us while we're licking  wounds. Harsh words warmed and prepped for battle by a pulse's heat.     I write because I have the means. Because I have 5 right hand soldiers, a pen, and a heart beat.     I write because I'm me. And you're you. And because that's the most beautiful and important thing we have in common.      Thank you. 



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