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Too beautiful to cry, she whispers,lingering softly instead, Believing in me when no one else would is all that is said. She molds me,teaches me,unconditionally loves,
Darling, you love me And yet, I love you more My angel, you like me And, but I like you more.
Things will go wrong Climbing uphill is hard When I try and smile, all I do is sigh Rest is a must, but don't give up Time after time Time after time Time after time “I'm a failure”
Things will go wrong Climbing uphill is hard When I try and smile, all I do is sigh Rest is a must, but don't give up Time after time Time after time Time after time “I'm a failure”
  With tattered wings And tarnished halo She sits crossed legged  Atop of a rocky ledge   She drops her head into her hands She weeps Weeps for the heartache Weeps for the pain
To the lost eyes that twinkle above me in the absence of the light, Guide me to tomorrow.
Food rations she desperately wanted, As she squealed and excitedly pointed
As a young black boy on the streets of the CapitalI strive for a good living through the path of moralityBut I was lost within my act of InnocenceAnd Trouble found me.Led me through Crusty Tunnels and Medieval DungeonsShowed me the Gory Light thro
I spent so many years, Doing nothing but crying. But now I'm out of tears, All despite my trying. Not because I've overcome fears, But because my soul is dying. As the light draws near,
My Angel She’s the perfect woman I just need some time To pray to the lord To make this soul so divine
holy fever from heavens light you are a child of the cosmos and ruler of the skies they will cower before you and you will teach them what fear truly is
They always say hellfire like hell is the only place where chaos occurs but when i looked at you i knew that angels were devious because the light in your eyes wasn't heavens glow
Imagine an Angel That can never fly That has always wanted to But could never touch the sky For her wings are broken And burned to dust
I have this immense pain in my chest. Im made for something bigger I know it But Im bound to this Earth by gravity and I can't seem to be able to find my wings.
But I don't know much about God I know want to sit with him and his others But my existence is sin And I'll never reach what I want   Its fruitless
i swear to you she would sparkle in the night and i would sleep in awe of the magic that lay beside me   Kira   Instagram: @kirapoems
I feel a deep, deep sorrow, As life nears its final page, The hard times that come with age, It’s enough to make a good man rage,   But somehow, there’s a special sorrow,
I never feel like the way I present myself after years and years of being the mean one the tough one the hard one the evil one it's hard to look at my own face and recognize something good
3 years ago, i was sitting in a quiet classroom, in a new building, with unfamiliar faces surrounding me
God hired angels To write some books Those books Were called life The angels have to Choosing our destiny Arranging our fates Erasing our dumb choices
The sun shines as God approaches,He leaves a beam of light in the dark forest.The beam of light brightens to a shape of a lion.God sent him to shimmer the forest to lustre;
Blonde hair, beachside, best smile, bright mind Strong will, steady life Something I couldn’t see when you were by my side Please just a little more time to catch your wise
I've heard people speak of angels Some describe their features as such   They are young women Beautiful, youthful, pure, and fair They adorn shining halos and silky soft wings
Darkness and isloation the only two things I ever used to know mind your business hold your head down don't let anyone know you are here you exist you take up space but that doesn't matter
My body was a vessel for the male ego, An instrument of pleasure and of sexual gain, Until a sensory angel came into my life And turned sex into love again.   
Ethereal angel of ice and snow,  Against thy cheeks, the wind doth blow. A zesty tang of winter spirits Bid thee come to see and hear its Melodies of gentle breeze, see Spectacles of painted trees,
Dear Alicia, It's me, your sister. We've never met, and we won't meet until a very long time from now.  Since I was a little girl, I always felt that there was something absent from my life.
Beautiful deity of the sky and clouds above,  Sparkling with the night stars and glistening in the morning sun. The human eye could never absorb your grace,  for it would be overwhelmed by the light.
The delicate lace of the wayward angel’s broad shawl, Engulfing her tender form in a chasm of sheer light, Voile, Satin, Chiffon, and Batiste,
a broken promisetorn sinews, feathers of painsoar, wings; let it go   healing is a fightwingspan in a duffel bag(you are forgiven)
Once upon a time,  a girl lived all alone. Wanting to explore the world but did not know where to go. She tried the rainforest, and the sea, but that was not where she wanted to be.  
"Once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in love. They started seeing each other and didn't care what anyone will think about them. Till then the gods found out about them and prohibited seeing each other.
drenched in her own sinful passionsthe moonlight caresses her silky curvesas she dances with reckless abandonher bare feet carrying ancient tattoossymbols of long forgotten midnight rituals
Five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes. Some of them we don't remember because we’re deep in sleep. Some we don't remember because our unconscious will not keep.
Angel in the gardenI see your golden wingssense the sweetness of your gazeas it envelopes me todayNight has clearly left usthe stars and moon set downthe sun has cllimved her ladder
A year go I wanted to die I didn't try My father loved drugs more than me I wish I was carefree But reality was reality
David, What happened to you You used to dream out loud Reach for the stars expand your horizons Yes life gets hard
Don't take this the wrong way,  You knew what I meant when you started dating me.  You knew I was different, You knew I could care. But you threw me away, you left me bare. 
That Girl   I’m the girl with the sunny side smile The girl with the head thrown back laughing.   I’m the girl with the fake identity The girl with the plastered on grin.  
It's 4 pm 12 hours ago I was awake  Make no mistake I've been up so damn late.  Wait, retake. It's 5 am and 12 hours ago i was walkin, 
For awhile I thought she made him beautiful  But his beauty was always there and it is why I cared for him so much she didn't change a thing she was like makeup  amplifying the best features  while I only brought out the worst. I wanted him so bad
I am a geniunely nice person. I am kind and well mannered. I am calm and I know exactly what I am doing with my life. I see nothing but the best in everyone. I am truly happy to be alive.
Insecurities are always felt,especially when we're stressed. I always go to her when I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. She has always been there since day one. I can rely on her to tell me to be calm.
I had a friend who was an Angel,  birhgt shining halo, sparkling white wings, an a cross that liked to dangle. He was kind of weird, personality all mangled, but I understood, because like him we're all tangled.  
3.30.16 He stole my golden halo and clipped my white feathered wings. Perhaps he's merely a lost boy who needed them more than me. He claimed I was part devil who
A little girl She wanders in the night Searching for home Five years old with no place to go She doesn't understand why No one can see her No one can hear her No one hears her cries for help
Risen up gracefully A halo on her head Aunt Sharen earns her golden wings Slowly fading into an eternal slumber in her bed Proud, Brave, Determined, I go on That's what she would've wanted
A robot with a human heart Watches the stars, for her love to come From the heavens he shall come, And take her away, From the robot she calls home. Each night as she watches the stars from her metal cage
I’m going to tell you something, a story of when I was just an adolescent Not quite a child, nor a man, but the desire to be one was present In my soul, I was thirsting, wanting to be accepted
guardian angel
Pass me by in the halls, I’ll give a smile and sweet hello. It just might lift your chin up off the ground. But see not past these smiles and sweet hellos, For there’s a reason why the truth isn’t always shown.
To live, I wish no more When the choir angel singing renounces . Wishing, to be quiet like a corpse, The death of its joy, it announces. That day, no more shall I live,
I don't belong in heaven, I'm not accepted in hell, I'm neither angel, nor demon, I don't belongin the human realm. I have some power, and nothing to give. I have a life, whith nothing for which to live.
Second place The backburner The fault bearer Worthless Stupid Idiot Liar Anorexic Twig Bird   In the background I silently watch as work takes over
Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you want to leave behind?  Are you a fly on the wall, or a lesson to teach us all?   Hey little fighter, things will get brighter. Just wait and see.
I see her as she stares up at the skies  Beautiful, with crystal blue eyes She looked like a sunrise  extravagant and full of promise    To know her is a gift 
The feeling of jubilation resonated over me My heart was content and satisfied with glee Until one day I realized that my world had ended and he had passed away My grandfather My best friend
I dream of heaven I dream of the place where angels sing, gates are made of gold, and things let their wings free. I dream of a beautiful  place... Where I could find peace, but my 
I was so lost,  But now light has shined.  My halo has come down,  And found the heart that was mine.  She took my soul,  She treats it well.  You wouldn't believe,  How far she fell. 
She saw Him He saw Her   Both on contacts with the eye   whatever were the distractions to be   it was but a sweet meet   a sweet feast a joyous joy
On the highway to heaven I seek the angel Of life To wak with
I had a dream like prophecy and I am an angel losing faith.  
Escape from your pain, Let them take you to a better place, A place where nobody will judge you, For thinking grey skies and dark waters are beautiful, Where danger is in the mix, Swirling winds,
I left her  Afraid scared and alone.  My guardian angel needs me.  I did not know my heart was her home.  I felt I could fight alone,  But I proved I am weak broken and a wreck.
Her heart thudded violently, 
Listen to the sound Of the whisper of angels As they sing the angels song Happy are they   On wings of love they fly Spread upon the sky With colors of array They do sway  
For every bated breath you took,For every shudder that you made,For every time you felt that pain.
Another angel, capable of unimaginable things. Demons, screaming in her mind. Another angel, wants to die. Demons, swarm her heart. A young man, holds her close. His voice, tells her of her magnificence,
Look up
I think I started my new life As an anorexic angel. I woke up to my chapped pink lips Breathing snow that looked like ash
The air is light I can maneuver through it at ease Gliding through the white streaked sky Viewing the world below Is bliss   The sun’s warmth is ubiquitous Encasing me in warmth
I am not a perfect angel
She hates how she looks because all her friends say so, and she denies every compliment  because she just doesn't know   that she looks like a princess and her hazel blue eyes
One dreary night so bleak and grim, I found myself gone in spirit. No longer was I alone in my room, but alone in the depths of a pit. I looked around this dark chamber but only the full moon and Draco would meet my eyes.
Crisp and clean, A perfect Christian pristine, With rosary beads stringed together with pearls, White as purity and perfectly soft curls.
I have a girl right now, she's my baby and my hon
A heartbeat, broken A letter, unsent   She suffocates in sunshine. And rejoices in rain.   The world does not spin For a time Until she realizes  
Sometimes I care so much it hurts So I hide behind indifference for anesthesia I'm running from my inner demons It’s easier to use my sins as temporary amnesia   I wear my Scarlett letter like a mask
To me, they were all sea-glass and Midsummer morning Seraphic choir song that would whisper words of sweet serenity
This girl is young, beautiful, non-naive She believes in a lot of things If you hurt her, she becomes This brutal, strong, eyes like Hell Body like a shadow She takes things literally
An angel stands but is too small to fly. It means a lot to me and this is why. It was my aunts before she passed away.
Staring out the window, examining the stars. I put my finger to my heart and recall the mournful scars. I pray to God and bow my head, Kneeling peacefully by my bed. An angel comes and embraces me
The fallen angel which Has Fallen grace into a new world of tragedy.. Her hair Black as the stormy night Her eyes blue as the ocean's water Her skin pale as the winter snow
Send ye forth the best ye breed. From fallen, yet unbroken seed. In patience, willing to abide. Until by thy side The guardian angels shall be. Hail ye thy fearless armies, With Honor's holy breath.
Poopy diapers and rolling overs The piggly wiggly’s and ogar toes; Crawling to stumbling and walking shortly Then eating sand while tumbling in the waves… Learning to talk, read, and write
You may be a prince You may be a princess Living in your Father’s castle in the sky   We may not know what size crown you wear The color of your eyes Or  the color of your hair  
Sitting up high on the edge
Dedicated in loving memory to Danielle Nicole Church--a friend who wasn't held dear enough.   When you find the end of the tears-- You know its supposed to be over now. Even your body is sending signals.
If I could be That man you always dreamed I'de take you away high above the sea But truth to be told I can never be That guy I wish you could find in me   I wish I could say all I want to say
Singing,Serenade shout.Humming, whistling, chanting.The poetry of speechvocalized.
God help the child, Silent, scared, unseen, Confused by life`s lessons, Hurt by hands he loves. He does no right. He does no wrong. Can he find even one Who cares Who sees
The times are deathly dark Blind to the light Cannot seem to escape My dreadful fate Who'll save me from myself When no one cares to help
Walking down the street with tear in my eyes and you still have words to say to me? My head in the ground, dirt in my face and your still kicking me?
I wear black, and cover my eyes. I hide my scars, and hold in my tears.   I hide my face from everybody i know. But when it shows, my smile is fake. I'm good at hiding my pain.
He sits in a dark room and before he knew it, three years past and he's cold and alone.
"Angel," he breathed out, the look in his eyes the way his lips moved to form the words and the way it sounded when it left had me come to beleive that  i had actually fallen, from the sky.
Today marks one
Hark unto the angels crying! Brother fighting against brother The end leaving both dying
You love me,I know it,Are you scared, angel?You love me,
Memories, Memories of all these days,
  Pulsating through my body is a dark light -   A light darker than any night.   My eyes look like liquid fire-   I spread my black wings, and fly higher and higher.  
Tick tock tick tock Time starts to slip away as you did While I decide on a career while you are gone
There is always someone watching over you, 
If a sinner is what I'm called to be, Take the halo away from me.  Take away what makes me a saint, my angel wings you must taint.    Make me a criminal to the core,
We, unaccu
You are the green and I am the black That make up the northern lights. The light and the dark together; The most beautiful of the sky's sights.
In a pauper's clothes I dance in the air Beneath the cloak of night. ~
  Tears of Sanity             Given life’s morals             There dwells a pain             Uneasy             Unforgiving in its context  
  Pristine but Transcendent             Given embellishment             The sparks, Jules, latest fashions             But you subsist as your own
An angel flew up up heaven today she almost took my breath away eyelashes curled, lips so red she brushed a finger on my head An angel flew up to heaven today flying with wings as bright as day
  The feeling of helplessness The feeling of Loneliness Feeling as though nothing is worth it, Hurting others for no reason One day, an angel will come to save you Either it be yourself,
I'm no angel I'm sorry if I gave you that assumption I've been corrupted by negativity and lust disguised as love The former me has gone Replaced by a girl who has started to lose her hope and her morals
Sometimes we slip into the unknown Deep down below.
Since the very first day the doctor confirmed I was pregnant, I already knew that no matter what I'd always love you
Angel you have become               Crystallized in endless beauty             Redefined by life’s challenges             Ascending as more
Angel My Angel               Spread far and thin             Across the oceans of time             Land, sea and sky             Hear my rejoicing cry
Drink the night away, smart angelTomorrow gluttony strikesManifest colors of yellow smart angelThe good times might not last
 The Seeing Man, A chaste man displaced, Saunters through life Without a single expression On his pallor white face.   The Seeing Man Never utters a cross word He feeds the hungry
Once upon a time All angels on earth could fly They all had wings All expect one This angel here was me   All the time they flew And they teased me! Laughed continuously at me
Each tree is a soldier lined up for war, Motionless with its comrades, Eyeing stumps of fallen friends. Morituri te salutamus.   Dad carries the sparkling saw, its teeth
There was a pretty angel, once upon a time. And this is her sad story, of her heart of mine. 
Alone in the chilling void,Feeling emotionless as a metallic droid.Why am I here?Why can't I stop these vast rivers of tears?Never been so afraid, so cold;Yet, I see a fluttering, red light, so vivid and bold.
Gaze at the sky I am grounded I cannot fly Then I am astounded It is a bird It is a plane My focus undeterred From what does not touch terrain I follow the trail
Weeping one-winged angel
Released from this earthwith a sudden cool breezeNo longer boundto earthly worry Kind Gentle heartCaring and loving soulthe heavens relinquished
Im sad and its very cold.My heart hurts and is no longer bold.
Like the running stallion,
Waking up to selfish bliss Unknowledgeable of the worst crisis Hours passed, time went by A knock and a note sent my angel to the sky   Violent crash, a quick pass, he nervously replied
I must've been scarred by an angel For never were hands so gentle When she scarred me I felt no pain I know she was there when I woke She'll be there when I don't
Punches and bruises, Laughter never seems to come my way. Yelling, screaming, No one seems to hear me.   Day by day, I wish life will end. Then somthing happens.  
Utopia burnt down last June, an angel nearly lost her wings.Tried tearing them off, wasting such beautiful things.Angel keeps saying, she'll never try that again.She'll always deny it, she's still longing for the end.
We are God's Angels from our first breath,Tiny miracles in our eyes,Angels in disguise,Strenght unknownLove instantly feltWe may have to say goodbyeWith their Angel wings we see them fly
I want to scream, scream, scream at the top of my lungs in anguish because I need to know that everything's okay. I'm afraid. I'm so afraid of something. I can't craft words around it. I just need your approval.
Life is precious, fragile, and an amazing experience. Memories last forever. The good, the bad, every important memory, can never be forgotten   Rolling around outside,
Rest in peace grandma Joanne, You'll be remembered by every woman and man. You painted your past and your dreams, You sewed quilts at their seams, You helped the poor and healed the sick,
Do not worry now my dear soldier,        my hand shall always rest upon        your broad wide shoulder. If fear courses through your brave viens        know that you will be safe.
She caught me when I fell. She saved me from my own hell. She carried me when I couldn't walk; She gave me light when I saw only dark.   Behind her back I would see wings;
There I am, kneeling with my head bowed down Wear the cross around my heart Hands together, there’s no such thing as too much prayer Duty calls to spread the love But when the black gates open
Stand,  Strength in Weakness Free from Death's venomous Sting Spread your Wings and Fly
I can still see her deep brown glistening eyes The way that she walked around with nothing to disguise I can still smell the sharp expensive perfume
Tick, tick, tick, gears are working, spinning round, soothing lullaby keeps me safe and sound. Metallic wings fan out with beauty and reflects light, fighting off the mechanical demons with fright.
I wondered how Someone so angelic as you Could have turned out to be The demon that broke my heart And then I remembered That Lucifer too Was once an angel.
Fallen into the deep Abyss of my dreams.I stand in a valley filled with Different hues of green.An ever flowing river Runs nearby.The sun shines downUpon me.A figure more luminous 
  There's this pretty girl I know,   Who told me how she loved me so,   And I don't know what to do.   There's this tiny little complication,   That's built up my frustrations,
To see you i wouldn't think anything of it, Even if your presence was just for a bit, A soul so beautifully combined, Almost so flawless it had me blind, You were my angel in disguise,
You’re a twisted lying creature, On my world you’re just an ugly feature. I trusted you and gave you my heart, And you tortured it and tore it apart.   You simply walked away, I almost died that day.
Death was not an angelWith dark and spindly wingsAnd charcoal fabric- a shadowy face It's eyes did not glow redWhen it trotted through the doorIt's short claws clicked,dull, against the linoleum
If I had an angel,  it would be you. You fly to me when I need your rescue. The sky was brightly blue and on your wings you flew. I’m not very sure how you knew
Never did I think you'd be a part of the past, our time together went by a little too fast. What you've now done for this community, is what will forever go down in history. You gave your life to save another,
You shed a tear and she is there, Holding you in her arms, against her warm body. She is the loudest one to clap in the crowd as you perform. And the one who supports you through tough times.  
The night has driven from its darkness, A light from afar is yet unbelievably warm, I see a woman, a woman of beauty, Her glow as bright as the moon, Her heart unknown to mankind, Hair soft as silk,
The Angel of Death is upon me. Him I need to fear. He moves beneath the shadows. Is he friend or is he foe? Most people will never know. His reflection burns my eyes, only Death makes no ties.
I see you in the corner of my eyes, Black projections or just figments of my imagination. With just a glance, a glimpse then your gone. I feel your pain, I see the fear, knowing my time is near.
Your words are fuel to my ears, thats what i tell myself to annihilate the pain locked in a 4 by 4 box suffocated by the razor blades surfacing the broken scared skin. PAUSE! FIXED!
Daddy, Daddy look at me Watch me as I fly More and more I’m gaining speed As I soar through sky Mommy, Mommy how I see you below me now I’ll come and have a looky When I can swoop down
There's a field at the beginning of town, With tombstones that line the ground. Everyday gets harder to pass, I take other roads so that good memories last. That morning in March replays in my head, Like a bad test you continue to dread.
Lying on my back, looking up above, two angels dark and light hands extended I know the choice I'm to make but am unable to see which is the dark which is the light
You held me in 1994 for the first time Since then you fed me. clothed me. And a life full of love and joy Taught me how to be wiser Showed me how to shine my brightest
Fire erupting from the depths Calmed in your embrace Angel, your song entwined with my fingers
The dulcet tones soaring Mirrored The angel's sweet singing In turn The hearts melody bringing Gave joy To all who heard
The desperation felt by others Darkness leading to chaos, No longer is it just a simple bother, Nor is it a single loss, This feeling of overwhelming sadness, A world full of deceptions,
When shadows come forth with life, as day turns to night. The secrets of our hearts are brought forth into site. We seek our keys, those that let us lock it all away.
Born and raised in SLC I am a mormon and I try to see how you can sit there and judge me.
That night The earth smelled so rich And inside I ached. Loneliness, Even though so many people Were laughing. I was grasping night air With my fist And wondering why
The rain has fallen down the angel has been extinct Fortune forbid me to you Destiny cannot grin Is it time we go our separate ways? Is it time we forget those days?
Adonis, Greek god of beauty And desire. When you’ve been crawled up In the corner, tucking your knees in To feel the dying flesh Of your past pressed tight
Your eyes, green with flicks of brown. They swallowed me whole. They took my soul. They flipped my world world upside down.
Hey love. Its been almost seven years since I last saw your smile. I love you so much, you know that? Best friend, i could tell you anything And I sat here, for a year straight wanting to bring harm to myself
While you're weeping at my grave, I'm right there next to you. I am hoping you will be brave, I wish you would stop feeling blue.
The days continue as they always have, But they aren't quite the same. A hole has opened in my chest To know that it will be a while till we meet again.
Imagine standing on greatness The world is wild but you will find a way to tame it Be shameless, cause it's only those that are crazy enough to believe they can change things That end up famous
Live not with your eyes blind, Or with your heart enclosed. Don’t believe the whole world is unkind, Nor that all hope is lost.
This poem is dedicated to my nephew who died at 14 months. I miss him every day, and it makes me even sadder to know that his little brother is turning two in April and has outlived him. We miss you forever and always Jakob Carol Warren.
It will come soon, that dreadful day. Last night I watched the moon, just cried and sat that way. Nobody is yet ready to let you go. We all just sit restless yet steady,
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you One Adrian Malobolgia He’s the son of the devil He lives here, in queens, on the roof of 14172 85th road
To say what I haven't… To whisper the words that I could not say I forgot the way we use to once be… The connections that use to be had… The bonds we use to share I lost them. I strayed from the path…
Nothing can inspire me more, Than an Angel with a Smile. A girl, a boy, a human of sorts, a person with a smile. Anyone who takes some time, to brighten someones day. To help a broken heart to heal,
Isabella, I put you into my bed for your nap. Tuck you in, Nick Jr on quietly. You argue and fight and cry… Trouble. Eventually you give in to sleep, Those little brown eyes close. Peace.
Sunlight streams through the window An angel awakens from her sleep Her wings white as snow Halo bright as gold Smile as bright as day Beautiful like the ocean bay
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