Dear Sister

Dear Alicia,

It's me, your sister.

We've never met, and we won't meet until a very long time from now. 

Since I was a little girl, I always felt that there was something absent from my life.

That there was a piece of me missing.

It wouldn't be until years later that I found out that missing piece was you

My Sister!

My beautiful angel

your soft wings flecked with gold,

wrapped in a beautiful silken robe 

and a sea of raven black curls falling past your shoulders!

A ray of light adorning your head, 

and warming your face the way your smile warms the hearts

of the other angels around you.

God thought you such a gift, he could not bear to let you go for long

and brought you back to him in his loving arms.

There are times when I feel the pain of your absence again

when I wish you could

console me,

teach me,

laugh with me,

explore with me,

grow with me.

But then

I am reminded that you are never truly gone from me and our parents.

Looking down from paradise,

you celebrate our victories and mourn our losses.

You hold my hand as I take each step closer to the woman I'm destined to be.

I hope you're proud of me.

I know you're proud of me.

Mom and Dad love you very much. I want you to know that.

Although you only visited this Earth for a short time,

Mom is grateful for the lessons you taught her

that she uses now to raise me.

I'm grateful for you too.

Until we meet

Love always,

Your Sister.


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My family
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