Fallen Angel

Her heart thudded violently, 

Standing upon the large building. 

People gathered below like ants, 

Watching her every move intensely. 

She envisioned her home, 

Her happiness. 

Her toes inched towards the edge, 

Arms spreading out like wings. 

Sirens and screams pierced the air, 

But she was deaf to them. 

The flashing lights called to her. 

She jumped. 

Gravity gracefully pulled her downward, 

Towards the unforgiving concrete.

She closed her eyes before them impact. 

The fear was replaced with peace.

There was no pain. 

Everything had faded away, 

Into a soothing lullaby of black. 

Her eyes fluttered open, 

Feeling white wings tickle against her skin. 


She was home.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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