Fallen Angel

I don't belong in heaven,

I'm not accepted in hell,

I'm neither angel, nor demon,

I don't belongin the human realm.

I have some power, and nothing to give.

I have a life, whith nothing for which to live.

My grace doesn't shine, but it's not gone.

It is my knowledge that will lead me on.


I feel broken ande empty,

As the streets I wander alone.

My blackened wings are ready,

Wanting to go home.

"What home?' I mutter to myselef,

"The place you don't belong?"

I lacked the love and friendship,

The one that life thrives upon.


Now I live in anger, at what this world has become,

What I once protected crumble, before the life that I have lost.

A cold, black night before me,

The stars to mock the lives,

Of those I've met with empty promises in sight.

I'm just a fallen angel,

I know I don't belong.

I know that there are others out there,

With whom I can belong.



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